Sunday, October 13, 2013

Former Hillary Associate Claims to Have Been Her Personal Hit Man… Admits to Killing for Money

Hit Man? Or Hit Piece?
"Larry Nichols, former 10 year accomplice to the Clintons, can now add hit-man to his list of dirty deeds.  Nichols dropped a bombshell on The Pete Santilli Show when he very calmly admitted that he had murdered people, on command, for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Mr. Nichols has been a voice crying out in the wilderness since he brought to light the sexual brutality of Bill Clinton during his reign as Governor in Arkansas. That information would eventually play a key role to Clinton's impeachment in the 90′s.  Larry says he makes no apologies. - Guerilla Media Network - September, 24 2013"

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Anonymous said...

I have always thought Nichols was honest and telling the truth, so I guess he knows what he is doing in saying this.

Just remember that Pete Santilli is a total bad-new purveyor of untruths. He is sort of the National Enquirer upstart reporter trying to edge out Alex Jones.

So I do not want anything to do with anything to do with Pete Santilli. He is what could most charitably be called "a poorly motivated individual."