October 18, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.10.18

Guest: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Pays Treasury $75 Billion In Profit; FR Annual Report;  

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just read Clint's blog post related to his appearance on the spingola show. He writes,

"And for a lone researcher like myself, it pains me to watch the daily feeding frenzy of misinformation surrounding this investment and currency scam, where inaccuracy and downright fiction rule over any comprehension of what the Fed really is, what it does, and who its master is.

On his blog I wrote this --

"...what the Fed really is, what it does, and who its master is....."

Well...........we will all look forward to these answers Clint. I hope you follow up on this statement.

For me, I see one particular group of people benefiting the most of all that has happened since 2001. You could even go back to the Civil War. ONE particular group seems to be benefiting the most -- from massive 3rd world immigration; to control of the media; to having their own damn country with basically no accountability to anyone with the backing of the US military.

So I can see with my own two eyes a certain outcome. I may not have the genius as you Clint to read and understand documents such as you do.....

But I wonder..................how do we even know that these so called documents are the absolute truth? Why should I believe the information detailed in a CAFR?

This ONE group of people FABRICATED an entire History......why should I believe what the Federal Reserve says in a report? Who says a CAFR is fair and honest reporting?

I will look forward to your answering that which you imply Clint -- What is the FED; what does it do; and WHO is the master.

Should be enlightening.