Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zio-apologist Webster Tarpley makes a fool of himself

October 19, 2013
Listen to this 9/11 debate. Webster Tarpley’s inexplicable ignorance and obscene cognitive dissonance regarding Zionist control of the United States and the West in general betrays his mindless Zionist apologia as deliberate, purposeful obfuscation. Honest commentators Barrett, Felton and Blakeney lay waste to Tarpley’s senile, putrid narrative.

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wanda said...

A bunch of over hyped bloviators tossing out every 9-11 story out there and differing in opinion, of course... just to mix it up. One think they had i common is they loved their labels... ism this ist that... oy vey.

Oh yeah, they all have books for sale... AND hey had callers... Truther Girl and Syria Girl phoned in... so you know it wasn't a side show... fer shur.

All in all i'd have to say the big message here is: We'll never give you the straight story and we do this on purpose... and BUY OUR BOOKS.

Twelve years into it, what have these paid political hacks done, really?

Anonymous said...

Tarpley's wife works for a Jewish concern in D.C. so he sure can't take that tack.

Dr. Tarpley has some good ideas but he is terribly crippled in his thinking.

Barret Fetzer Felton Blakeny and Tarpley are all lefties, though Tarpley is a different kind of leftie.

Barrett and Dr. Fetzer are going to start a new Internet radio "NEWS" program where they will comment on geopolitical news.

Seems all "Patriot" and "alternative" radio show hosts always end up filling up their radio shows with news commentary.

I wonder what date this recording took place. I think it had to be well over a year ago because Tarpley is sort of persona non grata among the rest, and even Blakeny is out now too.