November 14, 2013

Banking giant JPMorgan cancels Twitter Q&A after thousands of abusive tweets

Banking giant JPMorgan Chase was forced into a humiliating climbdown over its plans to hold a question-and-answer session on Twitter today after receiving a barrage of abusive tweets.

The bank had arranged an event where top executive Jimmy Lee would field questions from users in what it hoped would be a positive public relations stunt. 

But the company said it had scrapped the session after being flooded with insults, confirming the decision with the matter-of-fact tweet: ‘Tomorrow’s Q&A is canceled. Bad Idea. Back to the drawing board.’

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Jews Being Jews 101: Oh boo hoo, JP gets to play the victim.  

Kinda like a fox in the hen house with a mouthful of feathers complaining he's being attacked by the chickens

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Anonymous said...

If "I" would have known about this, I would most definitely have asked the assholes about the economic false-flag operation to destroy the world's economy(ies) in one day, which has been deemed, "The Financial *or Economic* 911".

Once people know about THIS event, then everything else about what is happening to the economy is much easier to understand.