November 18, 2013

Israel – In Defiance of Peace

King Bi Bi has stepped up front and center in the Zion controlled US media to attack the US-Iranian peace process, declaring that any future not involving the conquest of the entire Middle East for Zion to be unacceptable. 

Israel is a nuclear state who established its foothold in the Middle East through open invasion and military conquest.  They have committed genocide upon the Palestinians and left those once prosperous people to suffer slow deaths in what is the largest concentration camp to ever exist on this planet.

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RJ said...

Jew pig

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Every time he flaps his jaws I have the same knee jerk reaction.

"Shut the eff up Bibi. Die and crawl into your talmudic hell. Just go away."

Then I remember. Lieberman is waiting in the wings.

As they say, when these mad Jews are involved nothing ever improves for the chattel/cattle, the madness only intensifies.