Friday, November 29, 2013

Osama Bin Laden’s Obituary Notice

A Funeral Notice for Osama bin Laden was published on December 26, 2001, in the Egyptian newspaper al-Ward. An English translation is provided below. Anyone fluent in Arabic is invited to verify or correct the translation. This item was sent to me from a reader abroad.
Also below are is a CNN interview with its medical correspondent who examines the last non-faked video of bin Laden and concludes that bin Laden is seriously ill.
There is also below a 2002 report that Israeli intelligence has concluded that bin Laden is dead.
***Read article at Global Research***

December 26, 2001 FOX NEWS Report: Bin Laden Already Dead

Interview with Osama bin Laden. Denies his Involvement in 9/11


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I remember publishing those obits as well as some from Pakistan at the time. And, if I remember correctly, from India as well. It was so very long ago by today's rapidly accelerating time. Needless to say, no one paid any more attention than they probably will now.

wanda said...

Okay... that guy don't look like Obama to anyone out there?

Osama Obama Banana Manna Bo Bama..