Sunday, December 15, 2013

FDR was indeed a Globalist Jew

FDR was born into the International, Globalist Banking class and Zionist cabal some disingenuously call for “PC” reasons, the “Illuminati” — the real hidden hand that owns the Federal Reserve in America, the Bank of England and your White butt.

Besides the Jew blood running through him, or because of it, he was a spoiled rich brat since the day he was born. In 1921, a Senate subcommittee concluded he lied to a Naval Court of Inquiry over his role entrapping homosexual sailors (not that I care about gays). It was also an open secret on Wall Street that he was a player in running stock gambits called “floats.” When he finally went into politics, FDR was financed secretly by rich Jews of all kinds.

Both him and his probable lezbo wife and distant cousin, Eleanor, surrounded themselves with lefty, intellectual Jews, not only as governor of New York, but as president appointed 73 Socialist and Zionist Jews to high-level positions.

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The Advocate said...

Roosevelt was for sure not Jewish- his family named was Martins and De la Noy. Roosevelt was a made up name - "Field of Roses"

Any other myths.

Unknown said...

It's only difficult to ascertain that Roosevelt is a jew because jews always hide their true identities. They actively censor information, present and historical, that shines light on their perfidy. The vampires can't stand sunlight. We can be damn certain the jews would work very hard to keep secret Roosevelt's jewishness. Roosevelt employed more jews in his administration than any previous administration, and acted in concert with these known jews to instigate WW2.