December 04, 2013

Mark Dankof exposes Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks

*9-11 The Israeli Connection, Mossad, AIPAC, Art Students Spy Ring

*9/11:Israel did it

*Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9-11 


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling in my gut that everything Mark Dankoff said in this video, which I have seen and heard many times, is information approved and sanctioned and engineered by the Zionist and Jewish Zionists, Israeli, and Mossad operating in the USA. I do think Mr. Dankoff is sincere, though sincerely deceived.

The whole story about the dancing Israelis and vans with murals on them showing planes going into Towers and "explosives" in their possession and their masquerading as Arabs smells like a concoction of the people who run the US media and the people who own and run Fox News (including Carl Cameron reports). None of the "dancing Israelis story" has ever been fully investigated and I mean FULLY investigated. It was all too too obvious - Here I am, come catch me. See how long you can keep me in jail or in the USA. See how we are blatantly Mossad and see how we will go on TV in Israel and tell y'all outright that we had prior knowledge of 9-11.

Dankoff assumes and accepts that
"four passenger planes went to their designated targets."

some of the planes were operated by remote control

that "all the steel girders", "250 tons" of them, were sent to China before they could be chemically analyzed.

We are shown one dinky little photo of what look 99 percent to be aluminum thin little trusses or whatever. There is no solid evidence at all about all these steel girders.

In referring to the Twin Towers, and ONLY the Twin Towers, Dankoff says

"They came DOWN, folks, by a planned EXPLOSION."
(This is to convey the "controlled demolition using conventional explosives meme.)

While Building 7 and the Twin Towers were referred to, no mention was made of the other four World Trade Center buildings that were totally destroyed, though they were not destroyed by
"coming DOWN" or by "collapsing."

Building 7 did "come down" and did "collapse."

The Towers were blown to kingdom come, being blown out in big chunks out in all directions.

The other four buildings, according to photographs, had huge weird vertical internal holes in them.

Mr. Dankoff did use the terms "Israelis" and "Zionists" and "Jews" correctly in his presentation and for that I thank him.

Anonymous said...

Jeannon -- this is not confrontational...........

You make very interesting points, especially in light of what has transpired within the various 'truth' websites ie., john friend, Delaney etc., etc. in that a thesis has been proposed that pretty much everything we saw and heard on Tv is a script.

With that said, yes you are right that the whole Dancing Israeli story and the van with the mural etc., etc. could all just be scripted as well.

I'm trying to figure out "why". Why say there is a van with a mural; why say Israelis were held by the police dressed as Arabs; why have them appear on Israeli Tv and say they were documenting the event; etc., etc.

I'm just so fucking confused now that I'm losing interest.

Perhaps this is the point?

Just confuse the whole issue so that the general public just can't engage? Make us all look like tin hatters?

What would be your thesis?

If you had to guess, how did they explode the buildings; who were the central players.


Anyone please jump in.

WHOOLI said...

JEANNON, I hope you publish your treatise about 9/11 soon since next to nothing anybody else says about this subject is worth-a-shit to you.

rodin said...

The Dankoff level 911 version of events is not Israel/MOSSAD approved. It is SANHEDRIN approved. Push come to shove Israel/Zionist is reactive armour for Jewry.

Anonymous said...

"WHOOLI said...

JEANNON, I hope you publish your treatise about 9/11 soon since next to nothing anybody else says about this subject is worth-a-shit to you. "

What an extreme incorrect statement, and I might add sarcastic statement. I try to point out the positive and the negative about everything I hear about 9-11. And I do that about every person, every group that purports to be telling us what 9-11 was really all about.

For example, everything put out by Dr. Steven Jones always seemed to contain some good solid proven facts. However it is what he left out that is so telling. It is what he forbade be spoken about in his group that is so telling. It is his behavior and the tactics of his associates toward someone who wonders off the reservation that is so telling. He knew exactly what he was leaving out and he had a reason for that omission. The reason is that telling all the facts at hand would have spoiled his whole program, and indeed, his "whole program" was a worthless, time consuming, dead-end misdirection.

Some people do not care to hear all sides of an issue and analyze a little more deeply beneath the surface, but thank God, not all people.

RJ said...

Please explain in great detail what happened, who did it and how we can get out of the mess we are in jeanon. You do seem to know everything. Thank you

Ben G. said...

There is actual FBI documents of the Five Dancing Israelis that can be acquired by anyone, plus newspapar articles, etc., not just the Cameron reports. How much more evidence do you need? There is screenshots of these reports in the video.