Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 2013.12.14

Carolyn reveals some sensitive, hitherto undisclosed information about White Nationalist personality Rodney Martin that just came to her attention. It addresses his fairly long professional association with American Indian affairs in Arizona and California, both as a Commissioner of Indian Affairs and as Tule River Tribal Council Administrator, and the fact that his wife, and mother of his five children, is an “Eastern Cherokee” Native American. The Tule River Tribe owns a casino and deals in large amounts of money.  Rodney’s position was taken over by a Jew Sam Cohen in late 2009. Rodney was able to retire permanently at that time, before he was 40 years old.

Rodney posted an article on his website dated Dec. 7 that listed what he considered to be some “unforgivable sins in our Movement” which placed miscegenation as the #1 “sin.”

Mike and Donn called in. Carolyn finished out the program addressing the stepped-up joint pressure by Jew.S and Israel to force Germany to “turn over” the contents of its art museums for looting by the Jews in the name of the despicable  “HoloCost victims.” The Ronald Lauder story got left out, so a separate blog post will be written for that at

Image: Rodney Martin being interviewed in 2007. Taken from the Porterville Recorder

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WV Foundations said...

@Sig, Yes, totally engrossing, IF it were true. Unfortunately Ms. Kahant bases her "G-2" on an article that was done by a Non-White, edited by a Jew, both were later fired for issues like this, and as she says, was taken down, as were many of the writers articles, about me and other people. Lies, and lies by omission are Ms. Kahant's specialty and she knew about this as I have often told people about this. Here is my reply:

WV Foundations said...

Note: Links are being posted that were created maliciously between 2010-2012 by Foes, those were not mine nor affiliated with me.

By the way, Carolyn Kahant Yeager mentioned Attorney Chambers, Mr. Chambers also worked as my attorney.

Ian said...

This is a disgrace. We have one boot on our neck and the other is stomping our face into oblivion and Yeager is doing yet another broadcast reminiscent of the National Enquirer. Wallowing in the sewage my get your ratings up but your largely going to attract mental midgets, dregs and back stabbers.

On a positive note perhaps Yeager can act a refuse magnet where her and her cadre can keep themselves busy dulling their knives on each other while the rest of us fight for survival.