Wednesday, January 1, 2014

America, it's even worst than you thought.


wanda said...

That's pretty much in your face... one nation... one world...

under G_d.

It will be an interesting year... and by interesting, i mean frustratingly bullshit for no other reason than the fucking jews are genetically and criminally insane. And all we can do is watch this shit come down because the vapid public believes all the shit coming from the jew box. They seem unable to think deeper on things.

Anonymous said...

Radio Club Subscription Terminated IMPORTANT UPDATE

The Truth Militia radio club will be terminated….you cheap skates would only pay us so little

To punish you, we will have new radio shows whenever we feel we have something to say.
They will not even be every moth, they will be done on an as needed basis. The shows will NOT be recorded, you must listen to them live. We will not be announcing with any notice, so you should constantly check for live radio times.

The website will be updated with new advertising & things for sale on a daily basis.

Those of you who have donated the 5 dollars for the radio club, Thank You for your continued support!!! We will accept it as general donations as if it is something you wanted to do. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!