January 10, 2014

I was crazy, but I'm much better now!

John McAfee Says He's Working On Software That Will Prevent NSA From Spying On Americans


wanda said...

Yeah, sure he is. Considering that McAfee hardware is the back door to let the viruses in and your computer works better without his crap... i'll need a better reason to believe him than his word on it.

I'll bet that's not even him... i'll bet it's an actor. There's no way he'd show his real mug considering he'll have hundred thousands chasing him down when they realize they've been paying $100 + a year for bullsh*t and endless dicking around.

Anonymous said...

No, Wanda, this McAfee guy is definitely NOT "one of them". He is most definitely his-own-man, from everything that I have seen, and while he is a little "off", I have seen NOTHING to indicate that he is working with the bad-guys on anything.


wanda said...

Bullshit Linsdey... the guy has made zillions scamming people. You don't even need his crapping product... and your computer works 100% better without his bullshit on it.

My sister got her first computer a little over a year ago. I told her i'd set her up with firefox and disable and completely remove her spyware (Norton and McAfee are the exact same deal)... she had no troubles until a braniac "computer expert" friend of hers told her... oh no, you absolutely have to have that sh*t on your computer... so she let her friend re-install it. She immediately started getting the annoying pop-ups and within a week her computer got a Trojan and crashed.

She believes me now... as do just about everyone i know. The guy, and the product he rode in on, sucks and he is a lying bullshit artist. He just wants to buy a yacht or some other toy now.

Ian said...

Actually John McAfee hasn't owned and operated McAfee Security since 2004, its owned by Intel Corp now.

Jonny said...

wanda, you should find and listen to his interview with Art Bell last year, he's a good guy and acknowledged McAfee software turned to crap after he left

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Unknown, for backing-up what I had to say about this man.

Here is the YouTube-ADL video of the Art Bell and Mr. John McAfee interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev-EVnvB3e8

Would one of you people at Mr. Grizzom's site please post this to the main site, so that people can be made informed of who this man is, and what he has tried to do since his semi-retirement?