Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Based on the incomparable presentation by Sofia Smallstorm, this documentary is a must-watch for any Sandy Hook researcher. This video accompanies Sofia's original presentation and spot-on analysis by adding a distinct audio/visual layer. A best effort was made to reinforce the original material, maintain accuracy and stay true to the original reporting.

This is a very well made video and well worth a watch, I think Deanna should be interviewing this lady, it would be a great show IMO.


Chainsawmillerman said...

She is going to be interviewed on Red Ice soon

Mami said...

Cool, I would ask Deanna myself about doing a interview, by it's such a touchy issue these days, I figured I just leave it alone.

Erik Paul said...

,,,enjoyed the Creature Feature

Beep said...

Who exactly is Sofia Smallstorm?
She's in the conspiracy theory biz.

"Since making her movie, "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions", Sophia Smallstorm has set up a website business that sells books, movies about 9/11 and related topics."

9/11 was so last year, Smallstorm shut down that site and moved on to Sandy Hook.

She also has a site devoted to chemtrails: About the Sky "From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology" Parts 1 and 2, her DVDs on the subject. www.avatarproducts.com/dvds

Pat Colo said...

@ radiofetzer.blogspot.com - I didn't know about this, Mami's should post:

Friday, January 24, 2014
Wolfgang Halbig / Sofia Smallstorm
A school security expert addresses Sandy Hook
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Anonymous said...

There are pictures that were released of the clothes and shoes Adam Lanza was wearing when he allegedly committed the Sandy Hook massacre.
I viewed these pictures on KateSlate11 youtube channel and she raises some good questions about the clothing. We are told that Adam Lanza was killed by being shot in the head,the clothing shows no bullet holes.
What I found interesting about Adams' two black shirts is that they are uncut. Clothes are normally cut off severely injured or dead people. Again, Adam Lanza died due to being shot in the head and they pulled his shirts off his body by pulling them over the top of his head? Go look at the pictures for yourself. The shirts are uncut front and back. The collar tag on his shirt doesn't have any blood on it whatsoever.

Sandy Hook Adam Lanza's Clothing

Anonymous said...

Ken, you are crossing-the-line now on what people are willing to accept, and frankly, you calling Mrs. Deanna Spingola a demon is something that people are not going to be able to just ignore and forget.

I don't know what your intention is, but denigrating and insulting a woman who has done as much as Mrs. Deanna Spingola has is doing nothing but hurting whatever points you will make in the future, because her work speaks-for-itself.

You should apologize to her, and ask her to forgive you for such an insult. What you said about her is just not acceptable, and you have to know that it is not.



Ken just stfu!

Anonymous said...

The school had security cameras. Why won't they release an edited version of Adam Lanza entering the school and walking the hallways?
To this day, the authorities, the FBI, refuse to release the video tapes of the Pentagon being struck on 9/11. If the "official" story was so true, the video tapes that the FBI promptly confiscated from the surrounding businesses just hours after the attack would corroborate the "official" story. Why the refusal to release the videos if what we're told is so true? They, the authorities, leave people, that actually question things, to speculate when they, the authorities, aren't forthcoming with pertinent...essential Information/evidence.
Sometimes it's the things that aren't happening...or isn't being shown that prompts my skepticism. if the authorities really want to quell...silence the skeptics and the speculators, then they should be more forthcoming with the pertinent information/evidence.

rodin said...

Here is how I see it.

Deanna is one of the most courageous radio hosts out there. Stadmiller was told to fire her, but her cred was so high that that would have backfired. So instead a roundabout way of attempted discreditation is being attempted. MCP offers her a slot, and her common sense gene thinks his scenario re SH makes more sense than the other, more bizarre theory re it was all fake. However, it WAS all fake, Horst and no doubt others are going to claim DS is gatekeeper. Horst I picked up as troll from the get go, that he should attack DS so vehemently is suggesting that someone is out to neutralise DS. Gee, I wonder who that could be...