January 12, 2014

The 7 Most Toxic Ingredients in Everyday Cosmetic Products

The global cosmetics industry is huge, with sales estimated to be around $170 billion annually. Broken down into the segments of hair care, skin care, fragrance, makeup and miscellaneous, the chemical industries behind the production of most cosmetics create products that appeal to the eyes, skin and nose, yet too often contain toxic chemicals. Hormone-disrupting additives, preservatives and colorants may make for an attractive cosmetic product, but at an immeasurable cost to human health.
Chronic illnesses and fatigue syndromes are plaguing our health these days and it may be of use to consider how the products we put on and in our bodies affects the proper function of the human body. The Environmental Working Group, and EcoWatch have put together an important list of the 7 most dangerous chemical additives in cosmetics that should be avoided by anyone who uses beauty products.
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