January 07, 2014

The anti- Semite Quenelle salute is sweeping Europe

A new "Nazi salute" is sweeping Europe, and the world stands still. The neo-Nazi gesture is spreading rapidly among anti-Semites in Europe.


Maasanova said...

So what will happen when the quenelle starts to sweep the US, Canada, Germany and the UK?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I saw a lot of Jews who seemed to be making it to. I saw the French pig Levy in the group as well as Lubavitchers. That plants a seed I must check out first.

I hope it spreads but first I want to see just what I am spreading if I decide to do it. The appeal is great!

Christopher Marlowe said...

In front of the wailing wall, next to an IDF: priceless.

mephistopheles lux said...

This is what happens when society is forced to repress their instincts. It always finds a way to bubble out. Whatever Dieudonné's original intention, this has taken on a life of its own.I can see it now:
"Oy vey! Were you making da quenelle gesture?"
"No, I was just wiping crumbs off my arm."


wanda said...

I hear what you're saying Noor. We got the peace sign from that sick feck Chruchill... everyone doing it has no idea they're paying tribute to evil.

Straight up though, it seems to me to be, reverse Hitler sign (symbol of tyranny as used to one time be the salute to the American flag also) cut off at the shoulder.

But it does bear looking into... however you would do that...

Anonymous said...

The "peace-sign" is a kabbalistic hand-gesture, just as the "Mr. Spock-sign", which he knowingly employed on "Star Trek", because he is quite high in the jewish circle, Leonard Nimoy is.

Does anyone know where le Quenelle got started?


wanda said...

The peace sign is the sign of the baphomet, which is the reverse of a five pointed star, which represents man. Two up, three down.

A five man, with five fingers and five toes... in the shape of a five pointed star (Orwell... Island of Dr. Moreau), upright is correct.

wanda said...

Sorry... not Orwell - i meant H.G. Wells.

Christopher Marlowe said...

People are funny about signs. It is a positivistic tendency to believe that a sign has a power of its own, and yet, at the same time, not believe in the power. In this way, positivism displays a sort of double-think.

I understand about the peace-sign/kabbala whatever. But I don't believe that someone, unwittingly can make a peace sign, meaning peace, and at the same time give power to some demon because he has raised his fingers thus.

The same argument runs against those people who say that Yoga is worshipping false gods. I understand that yogic practices originated as religious, but any given movement, like a push-up, is a yoga 'position'. Does that mean that all the people doing push-ups are practicing Yoga? Nonsense.

The human body is not evil; Therefore, making a movement of the body that does not create evil or intend an evil purpose, could not be evil.

I take Dieudonne at his word, and that the movement means something like: "this much of my arm up the butt of the evil elite". Now it could be argued that such a movement is obscene, and therefore evil. But aside from that, I do not think that it is serving some secret 'illuminati/jewish/kabalist' purpose.

As I say, the gesture itself is fairly obscene, and masses of humanity making an obscene gesture denotes a certain degree of degeneracy. I admit that I am conflicted because those making this gesture nearby politicians, and more specifically, signs of Jewish power, are demonstrating a defiance of the established Jewish World Order.

Of course, the next phase is when the gesture jumps the shark: people will start making the Quenelle nearby 'Jesuit assassins' and other objects of disinfo/misdirection. Sorority girls will make the Quenelle by their professors in 'selfies' and post them on facebook. Then parents will have their children pose in the Quenelle for their Christmas card photos.....

wanda said...

I can agree with that Marlowe. It would not be the first time one of their braniac maneuvers bit them in the arse.

I too take Dieudonne at his word... although i hate how his name is spelled... :) - i'll get over it.

mephistopheles lux said...

Dieudonne is french for "god given".

Btw, here's some background:


"The word in French refers originally to a long oval-shaped fish or meat dumpling from the Lyon region. It was adopted by Dieudonn√© M’bala M’bala, a controversial French stand-up comedian, who has been convicted several times of inciting racial hatred and hate speech, and has many fines outstanding for these offences. In 2009 he led an “anti-Zionist” list for elections to the European Parliament. In launching his election campaign, he declared that he wanted to “put a quenelle up the backsides of Zionists”. His campaign poster at the time showed him making the arm gesture, which has been described as a cross between an inverted Nazi salute and a bras d’honneur, or French sign for “Up yours”."

RJ said...

La Quenelle!