February 22, 2014

Obama: "If You Can't Trust Us, We Are Going To Have A Problem" Threat?



Anonymous said...

The cabal knows that the human-race is SLOWLY realizing that something truly terrifying is being done to it/us, and the cabal is using intimidation and threats to TRY to keep their control over the increasingly LESS stupid- and ignorant-masses, and this is just one more example of that fear-tactic.

EVERYONE, whether on the "Left" or on the "Right" knows that our governments across the planet are NOT here to "help us", but just the absolute opposite in far too many instances, and they are FINALLY beginning to question a lot of big-picture things that we have been trying desperately to get them to understand for many years, now.

The cabal's hubris is what ALWAYS exposes them and stops them from fulfilling their nightmare against humanity, and it appears that this latest attempt will most likely be no exception, because they have been exposed like NO OTHER TIME I have ever seen--ALL OF THE PROOF IS FREELY- AND EASILY-AVAILABLE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FIND IT, and that was NEVER the case even 20 years ago, because information was really only in book-form, or was quite difficult to find to either read or listen.


RJ said...

Barry the Koch sucker

wanda said...

Good comment Lindsey... and i agree.

I think the "we" Oblabla refers to when he says "We are going to have some problems." is themselves.

Let the games proceed.