Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Insurgent Radio 2.5.2014

More and more snow to deal with. Tom deals with it in stride. He takes the government to the woodshed over the chemtrails and also the Alberta tar sands pipeline. He also mentions that he didn't want his show posted on Mami's. This is his last show before he takes a road trip. Enjoy..... 14/5



foon1e said...

Yet another online voice who puts the almighty sheckle ahead of just getting the truth out to people. You can't put a price on truth.It's freely offered and comprehended by those interested enough to seek it out.
When someone offers it to you for a *price* though? You have to question that voices true motivations. & using bullshit excuses about how expensive it is getting the truth out to people? That's Jew whining. Mami's does a fine job of disseminating various viewpoints and truths from all sorts of disparate sources. And it certainly doesn't cost any of us contributing to it much in the way of cash outlay. Just time,effort and inclination to do the right thing. That's all it really takes.
Sorry "T". You lost a listener. & if you can't sort out your own priorities regards whom your show is supposed to reach/ You'll lose plenty more i'm sure.

wanda said...

Who are you directing your comment to Blue Eyes?

You could better direct your energy to congress, the media, any number of provable race traitors... those people have turned their backs on the human race.

Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy TT's show, I am going to have to agree with foon1e. I simply don't have $200 a year ($240 if your paying $20 per month) for a fargin' radio show. Maybe TT needs to start hawking Tangy Tangerine and Nascent Iodine like AJ. I'll keep listening here as long as RJ keeps posting it.