February 24, 2014

To Control or Destroy the Human Mind – The War Against Truth

If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow.   -   Emile Zola

 February 22nd was the 71st anniversary of the murder of Sophie and Hans Scholl and their friend Christopher Probst. They were young people, in their early twenties, who lived in Munich, Germany. They, along with other members of a peaceful, anti-war group known as White Rose, published leaflets informing fellow-Germans of the wrongs being engaged in by the Nazi regime. The three were caught with such leaflets, quickly tried for the crime of “high-treason” and immediately executed by guillotine. 

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Unknown said...

Murder? Why is it that these anti-germanics always throw out tidbits of pseudo history as if their version is fact, and there is no reason to hear both sides.

What was the situation 71 years ago?
February, 1943. A nation being hit from all sides by allied enemies amounting to 3-5 times as much manpower and resources, by nations that were brutal not only to germanics but anyone in their own countries who spoke out against war.
But this article focuses on this tiny episode because it happened in Germany, and, this kind of hypocrisy doesn't merit mention here on mami's shit. What gives?

What would the author have had germans do? Just lie down and let the jewish commissars rape and plunder and destroy all of central europe? At least have a semblance of balance by presenting the german point of view during the spring of 1943. They were fighting for their lives against overwhelming odds, and, the last thing they needed was debilitating propaganda supporting germany's enemies, who were dead set on rape, plunder, and pillage of all germany.

1776blues said...

Well put Jlynn Littleberry. In fact I don't really need to add anything else to your post.

But I will. It seems to me that the White Rose was an early version of the NGO's the US and Israel now use in the Middle East, Ukraine, Venezuela, and elsewhere they want to install a puppet regime.

In Venezuela the uprising there is most likely led by the Jew who ran against Hugo Chavez and lost, then lost again to Hugo's successor Nicolas Maduro. They don't give up and will use violence as they cry antisemitic claims to achieve their goal.

It figures that From The Trenches would post this article. Ilisten to them and they can't seem to make up their minds if Jews or Nazi's control the US. Jd always calls New Jersey, Nazi Jersey while they scream communist! Makes the Jews happy!

Christian said...

I second it what you said.
Thanks. Is America on a brink of destruction cause they still help the servants of the devil and so lost any compassion for all those who died in the last century with their involvement in mass murder and still are helping the jews and israel?

Anonymous said...

When will people finally understand that the human-race is under LITERAL attack by demons walking-on-two-legs? How else can DU--depleted-uranium--be explained? How else can literally poisoned food and water be explained? How else can all of the tumult-and-chaos against THE HUMAN-RACE be explained, and carried-out for MILLENNIA by the same fucking group, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, AGAIN?

I am thoroughly and absolutely convinced of this, now, after having no one explain the use of DU and the poisoning of our food and water, and I defy ANYONE to explain all of this being done by "mere" humans, because it simply does not stand-to-reason.

We are ALL under-attack from all sides, and there is ALWAYS the common-denominator in every bit of this shit that occurs with big-picture issues--the cabal.