March 05, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.03.03-4

Monday, 3/3: Michael Walsh talks about his poems and other issues and about the new site that someone created for him.
Tuesday, 3/4: Wolfgang Halbig talks about Sandy Hook; Official Reports; Timeline; Notes; Active Shooter How to Respond; 11399

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Colin said...

just started the spingy/wolfgang, she has gone CIA rogue and interrupts him every 2 secs ... only 10 mins in, what a C... will post more

Colin said...

now she is attacking the Caust and Hitler trying to make his naivete on the Holocaust equate with his Hook research ... I believed we went to the moon 8 years ago, and that 9/11 was a OBL gig ... Spingy used to believe all that Smallstorm does, now she's flopped .... not all people can know everything about every topic ... Spingy is an obvious agent now ... Wolfgang still is an open file to be probed, I am all for that, but Spingy has lost validity and is witch hunting and avoiding the Hook facts. Thgis is priceless

Colin said...

go to 44:18 mins into this, Spingy loses it completely!

this is hilarious, she exposes her over wrought, self imposed corner painting.

Spingy, ask yourself what is this little girl doing roaming the halls? Find out her name, super sleuth, Spingy. Let's check out what home she got for $0 on Xmas of 2009? Also, call and talk to those officers, see if they exist.

Nah, you won't do that bc you only Poirot so far to straw woman up your OS side.

Dig where no man or hysterical woman has gone before.

Man, this is getting good haha

PS The ranting Spingy screams, "the officers were checking the pulse of the 2 dead women!"

Guess that takes what, 30-60 mins, so no time to peak in a door for 2 secs to see if the room was safe before shoving a 7 yo girl back inside a bloodbath or room where the phantom Lanza might have been hiding??!! Makes sense to me, haha!

Spingy this is better than the Marx Bros or Chris Rock!!!

George Jones said...

"Spingy is an obvious agent now ... "

I think you are really crossing the line here.

She has not lost validity. You haven't argued a single one of the points she made, only resorted to ad-hominen. Typical sandy hook hoax believer behavior. Why is everyone an agent or a jew if they don't believe in the sandy hook hoax? Deanna has refuted many of the claims of you hoax beleivers and all you ever do is call her names.

Now than. Debunk this:

George Jones said...

And why don't you have some respect for her. Her name is Deanna Spingola, not "Spingy" and her research and efforts far exceed anything you have ever done. You're trying to denigrate this great lady because she doesn't believe the nonsense perpetrated by what I believe may be Cass Sunstein agents?

Deanna has written 3-books, all which are fantastic and you are going to try to besmirch all of her work?

I don't know why Mami's shit would put up with someone like you.

Colin said...

typical of whiny female saying shit like "dont ridicule me" like that when she repeatedly denigrated him.... he hath no fury

Colin said...

ha george good to see another Jew shill in here, CIA pays well, huh?

I showed what a fucking farce she is, read all of my posts ... Ill ad hom a flopper like her ... if you cant take it, stroll away from the pizza oven, wussy.

George Jones said...

Lets see...according to Colin she is "an agent" "lost validity" and a "typical female"

Wow. Just wow.

George Jones said...

"I showed what a fucking farce she is,"

No you did not.

"read all of my posts"

If this is what I can expect from you than I will never read your posts as there is no substance to them whatsoever. yeahwhateva.

Deanna said...

Just to set the record straight, I have never believed "all that Smallstorm believed." That is a very presumptuous remark.

Colin said...

spingy, you were hormonally amuck broad on your show ...

go back and listen to your shows with SS, find how many times you objected.

Who got to you, spingy? how much you making? Are you still on RBN full time, or did you get the boot? Losing audience? you gotta be bc all those I know that used to listen to you, that believed your spiels, now stopped, other than rare occasions on Hook, such as where you bullied Wolfgang.

so, how about that room 8? Did the cops check and why not, lmfao? throw a child into a room w/o checking it for a sniper or bloodbath? just hilarious, see you and George, another zio in drag, dont seem to want to addrEss that elephant.

How can you rotely read those police blotters yet think we didnt go to the moon or the caust is bullshit.


George Jones said...

Colin...such a play on words. You truly are what exits the Colon are you not?

Again, you lack substance.

Dave and Stephan. WTF. This guy Colon-I know exactly who he is. He continues to play this childish game where if someone doesn't agree with him and the SH "hoax" accuses them of being jews, or agents. It's so childish. Guys please evaluate these posts and these vicious attacks on Deanna and ask yourself, just who is this vicious attacker? Yeawhateva.

Colin said...

room 8, georgie girl :)

George Jones said...

I know your MO Colon. You are easy to spot and you ad hominen attacks are just that. As always you are just mean and nasty. TJB=TYPICAL JEW BEHAVIOR. You haven't lost those traits after all these years. Shame on you.

Colin said...

could you repeat yourself a few more times before addressing room 8 you and spingy have ducked like Chuck Wepner?

you have no idea who I am, stay on topic, zemmi :)

Unknown said...

I am glad that Deanna exposed Wolfgang as an "israeli firster", and, given that he believes in the holocaust and that Hitler was a bad dude, then, I have my doubts about anything else he has to say. I'd like to have asked him about the US Liberty! When "israeli firsters" get asked that question they either a) play dumb (hadn't heard about it), or b) claim it was a mistake where israeli's thought the US Liberty was an Egyptian ship, or c) deny that the israeli's flew unmarked airplanes, machine gunned the life-rafts,
nor fired torpedoes at the already crippled vessel.

But, given that I'm glad Deanna showed up WOlfgang as being well inside the jew-camp (he claimed he wasn't a jew, but, he could as well be one with his undying love for israel), I am disappointed as to the shabby way Deanna treated him. At one point, he asked her point blank if she was trying to discredit him, and, she denied it, saying that she was just "asking questions". That was disingenuous of Deanna. She couldn't bring herself to admit what was obvious to any neutral listener, that she was indeed trying to discredit him, and, his theories about Sandy Hook. As Deanna has always seemed to be completely honest (in the past), I was surprised she didn't just come out and put him on notice that she was absolutely trying to discredit him, and, if he wanted to cancel the interview, so be it. But to deny what was obvious, and then to go on acting like a rapacious prosecutor, all the while hiding behind the claim that she was "just asking questions", was not like the Deanna we have been listening to for so long.

I don't know why Deanna has made such an issue out of that Sandy Hook episode - I just don't see why it is so important. The only way one could know for sure what happened would be to go there, and, personally search for clues and hold interviews with the parties involved. If the locals there wouldn't let you do it, then, all you can do is read reports and decide who you believe or who you don't believe - as far as I am concerned, I have no idea whether or not it was an actual massacre, or an elaborate hoax - no way to tell.

But I just don't see why it is so important that some public figures like Deanna are making such an issue over it.

What would it matter either way, as to the overall plight of white americans? We already know that these jews (and their minions) go around fomenting hoaxes 'a plenty, so, why bother trying to prove another one, or not, when the evidence you would need to be sure is probably not available to an ordinary outsider.

But, still, it is good to know where this guy Wolfgang's sentiments lie, and I credit Deanna for getting that out of him - I just wished she would have been completely honest about trying to discredit him when he asked her specifically about it, and I wish she could have been less accosting in her method - that is a side of Deanna that I haven't heard on her internet radio shows before

Aleksa said...


You and your pasion for SH ear research is as silly as it gets!
Why dont you create a church for your crisis actor religion!

I have never seen such fanatics as SH lunatics!

Deanna please IGNORE THEM,no point debating them,they belive in their cult fantasies and nobody can change that!
They are mentaly unstable and nobody can change that!

Deanna please ignore them and focus on real topics not some silly fantasies!

kelley said...


Deanna said...

Thanks Colin for sharing your views on SH. I anticipated such a response from some people. Admittedly, I adopted a different style in my interview with Halbig. Absolutely no one who has interviewed him has challenged any of his statements or claims. I did not plan on letting him monopolize the conversation and repeat everything that he had already said in previous shows. He knew what he was getting into when he accepted my invitation. He said that he hoped that I would not beat him up when I extended the invitation by phone. So he knew exactly what he was getting into. He apparently had listened to and had reviewed my previous programs on SH. He knew my views and I imagine that he anticipated receiving massive support for his views after my program. In as much as he had made many claims on other programs, I had an obligation and a right to address those things. I asked him some very direct questions, many of which he avoided answering or else he changed the subject.

George Jones said...

Sadly Deanna, you were dealing with an arrogant know-it-all who wouldn't even admit you were right after countering his many claims, especially the helicopters. This guy is being sucked in by many naive people.

Is he a Cass Sunstein operative? As much as he loves Israel would give me a first clue but I can' say with certainty that he is.

Mami said...

Sorry about the troll Deanna, one of our admins quit and we no longer have somebody to watch the comment section.

Aleksa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aleksa said...

OMG,this Wolf crypto jew is the leader of SH movement!Not only he makes up fantasies but he is a israHELL firster!Now its clear from where the wind in Sandy Hook Nose is blowing!

Pat Colo said...

I've listened to this ^ now, and it was quite a shocking indictment, a tragic discrediting, a complete embarrassment, for… Spingola! OMG!

She spends ~1/2 the show, and the first ~1/3 exclusively, seeking to ad-hom/discredit Halbig based on his resume/bonafides. Nothing SHoax-anamoly related was raised until after that first ~25 mins... and this travesty of an 'interview' was directed by a self-posturing 'SH truth seeker' (Spingola)!

In this tedious ad-hom attempt process, Spingola successfully REVEALED that Halbig's trust set up for donations for eventually bringing to trial some of the SHoax principals, gives a mailing address which includes a 'Suite #', when in reality... it's a rented mailbox, GASP! So Halbig's trust is promoted mostly on the web, and he doesn't waste $$ on a needless office space (Halbig did manage to say this); however Spingola sought to score points by getting Halbig to 'admit' that his trust's mailing address says "suite #" instead of "box #" -- weak sauce, Deanna!

Spingola also 'established' that Halbig, while being Polish-Catholic (not joosh!), is a holohoax believer and a supporter of israel. While this ad-hom surely resonated with the likes of her regular audience; in reality, it just shows Halbig to be joozmedia-brainwashed like most Americans... a blue piller, a sheeple... at least as far as matters WW2 & zionism are concerned. It shows him to be successfully deceived; but it doesn't impeach his honesty or show him to be a deceiver. Another waste of precious, finite show-time which could & should have been spent focused on SHoax anomalies, spent instead on unrelated ad-homs.

Spingola shamefully tells a whopper, in-listeners'-faces' LIE at 8:20, where she claims NOT to be seeking to 'discredit' Halbig... which is exactly what she conspicuously sought to do throughout the show! Insult your listeners' intelligence much, Deanna?

Spingola's interruptions as Halbig was trying to answer questions or raise issues, was off the charts throughout. This was epitomized at 48:30, where Halbig began to try to respond to her long rant immediately prior; and she interrupts him to say, "We are going to a break" (48:40), then she resumes talking, repeating things she already said, until 49:10 when the break-music actually began and she finally quieted for the break.

Pat Colo said...


Another telling moment began at 1:06:30, when Spingola interrupted Halbig for the XXXth time in the show, and began to give her preferred spiel again. Halbig could be heard sighing an exasperated "oh my God" under his breath. Spingola stopped her spiel and, in a classic joowey 'Flip the Script and Project' maneuver, she scolded Halbig, exclaiming, "Don't, don't, don't treat me like that! Don't ridicule me! I'm not going to put up with that!"; then she resumed her spiel. This scolding was in the wake of this entire preceding show where she interrupted and was disrespectful to Halbig, burning time trying to play "GOTCHA!" over irrelevant matters, and never scoring any relevant hits. Spingola's self-righteous play there, and her incessant interruptions throughout, reminded me of when I was a boy and I'd impatiently interrupt my father. He'd repeat sharply over my voice, "Excuse me for speaking while you're interrupting!" LOL

At the end of this travesty of an "interview", Spingola apologized, for... not taking any of the callers who were queued up. Probably a good decision, as I don't expect any callers would have been pleased with her 'performance' with Halbig... and they would have told her so.

And as for her 'response' to the 5 or so of Halbig's SHoax-anamoly questions which there was any time left over from her fruitless ad-hom'ing efforts to address, Spingola's "proofs" for her proclaimed SHoax views seemingly all lied in... the official SHoax reports! 'Did you read the reports?! Did you read ch 6 subsection 352?!? All you have to do is read the reports!!' As it is with 911, the perps have provided all the "evidence" she cites! 911 Whitewash Commish Report, anyone?

How about NYTimes, which Deanna has also cited in support of her SHoax views? 2 mins:

Is Deanna going to also change her current holohoax-truth views, in light of the findings & testimonies which the WW2 perps fabricated for their Nuremberg Show Trials? :(

"Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story"

Aleksa said...

Pat Colo@

Go and colect some money for mr Crypto jew SH pusher!
Transgenders and poor minorities need money!
Poor kids in israHELL need money,help them please!But first please solve SH mistery,unscramble the ears and crisis actors!

I hope you, crypto Halbnig,Sophia Shitstorm,Simon Shackattack,John Fetzer and Jim everyones Friend will finaly show the SH truth and make many poor transgender kids happy!But first defeat the evil nazis please!

All these people i named are so credible as AJ and Chris Geo!
Cas Sunstein is very happy!

Pat Colo said...

Aleksa's "contributions" to this discussion, same tone as in every previous Mami's SHoax discussion, distilled down to its essence:

"...ear actor religion...fanatics...lunatics...cult fantasies...mentaly unstable...silly fantasies...Wolf crypto jew...fantasies...colect some money (sic)...Transgenders and poor minorities...ears and crisis actors...poor transgender kids...evil nazis...Sunstein..."

Rules 4 & 5 much, "Aleksa"?

Coz from what I've seen of your pro-official-SHoax-story "contributions" in these threads, that's all you've got! Zzzzzzzz

In more worthy news, and coz Mami's hasn't posted it, Wolfgang on with AFP/Gahary again, 17 mins:
AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened, Again
March 05, 2014 Exclusive From AFP, audio at the link:

In it ^ Wolf tells the names of some of the officers who've come to his house.

George Jones said...

Hey Pat,

So you are going to support a jew/Israel loving Halbig who went off his rocker with his Obama comments and try to denigrate Deanna all over this so-called hoax?

Here is what kills me about the whole damn thing. You hoaxers say it was about 'getting our guns' but no such thing happened. Gun sales went up and people are fighting back even harder and yet you guys go on and on and on about how 'right' you are.

Furthermore you really don't see how damaging this is to the real truth movement. Call me paranoid but I do not trust anyone who is on the hoaxer side. You are employing the very tactics that Cass Sunstein had hoped for and quite honestly, you guys are doing great work for him. It's just disgusting and now you guys are making attempts to destroy Deanna? Even more suspicious...

George Jones said...


Have you ever considered that maybe comments like the one below didn't exactly win him any friends? His know-it-all approach and arrogance probably irritated the crud out of the officers. And knowing that kids were murdered in their mind they think the guy is an absolute lunatic. Oh but of course you are going to say that the officers are in on it. Absolute madness.

" From: "Kehoe, Michael"
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:39:28 -0500
To: Wolfgang Halbig

Subject: Fwd: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.

The items you seek under FOIA are exempt from disclosure under the same law.

Thank you!!
Chief Michael Kehoe

Newtown Police Department
3 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Edit: bold and underline are mine

Content from external source

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 20:22:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.
You need to be fired and actually if it turns out to be a conspiracy you need to go to jail and loose your pension like so many others in this heinous crime.
You guys should be ashamed of what you have done.
Your Lt stay on an off-duty construction site detail for over two hours and you justify it by saying he is not a first responder. I hope when you do your speaking engagements you share that will all our other law enforcement police chiefs and officers so they can have a great laugh.
You and vance are at the head of the line and you know it. The truth will get out sooner or later.
Hope you sleep well you coward.
wolfgang "

Pat Colo said...

Deanna, re your remark:

" I asked him some very direct questions, many of which he avoided answering or else he changed the subject. "

could you please provide some examples of the "many" instances in this show, where in response to a direct question, Wolf "avoided answering or else he changed the subject", ideally with minute-marks? This so I can re-listen to the exchange, and see whether or not I agree?

Coz based on the show I heard, it sounds like this claim may be another case of...

Pat Colo said...

George, re: " really don't see how damaging this is to the real truth movement..."

I never bought that so-called "argument" since the first time GlennCo proposed it over a year ago, ref: "Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts"

And what's with you pro-official-SHoax-story warriors' fixation on Cass Sunstein? GlennCo, Deanna, and the nobodies hereabouts posting comments, hammer that Sunstein bit ad nauseum! His junk was nothing new, cointelpro's been active since the '60s, and "in deep" since long before the 911 TM got any traction.

Frankly, you pro-official-SHoax-story folks relentlessly suggesting/accusing SHoax-skeptics/investigators of being "Sunstein Agents Yada Yada", reeks of the age-old joowey "Flip the Script and Project" maneuver! In your words, "Even more suspicious..."

Deanna said...

I and another person associated with the AFP, where MCP worked for 33 years, were going to Newtown to conduct an investigation. Officials in Newtown would probably not even talk with us now, given what has transpired in the last month. It might be a deliberate operation. It would seem that Halbig is now the victim after my interview with him. Perhaps that is the reason he accepted my invitation to be on the program. He knew I would ask hard questions. If the Lake County Sheriff's Office and previously the two homicide detectives really meant to silence Halbig, he would probably be in jail right now. When the local officials wanted to silence Werner Bock, they did not warn him three times, they locked him up as they have hundreds of others. Halbig is effectively playing the victim card which is winning him support for his theories. In the beginning of my program, he accused me of trying to discredit him and I said that people tend to discredit themselves. Now, it seems that the whole focus surrounding Sandy Hook is on poor Wolfgang Halbig and not on the 26 individuals now moldering in their graves and the parents who may never recover from the grief of losing their children. Certainly those who claim that no children died have a questionable agenda. The focus is now off of the pharmaceutical industry and their objectives to have every human being on the planet on some kind of anti-psychotic drug. General practitioners have prescribed anti-psychotic drugs to 280,000 infants under the age of 12 months. Their parents are obviously very unwise and/or brainwashed. I think we need to evaluate the big picture and recognize the real or potential victims.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Ms. Spingola..

I am shocked and ashamed by your comment claiming that those who see the fraud of Sandy Hook and say that nobody died suddenly have a "questionable agenda"...

Could you please then explain how I, being Canadian, have an agenda? I am all ears....

And about Mr. Halbig.. Someone who is searching for the truth about this fiasco and wanting some answers to questions, has every right to do so.... For you to claim that he is playing a "victim card" makes yourself very questionable!

As far as I could see from that so called "interview" your actions and constant belittlement of the man was DEPLORABLE and shows your lack of true journalistic skills and want to actually learn the truth... The question then becomes.. What is YOUR agenda?

The answers you give will be most interesting.... Again as a Canadian, I am looking at this from an international perspective and therefore am looking for the truth about this so called "shooting" without fear and prejudice and not worried about having some American law enforcement personnel coming to my door for asking questions.... I again truly do want to know therefore exactly what my agenda is....

And by the way... I truly feel insulted by your insinuations about everyone who is looking at this with critical thinking has "agendas"... In YOUR own words... "SHAME ON YOU!!!!"

Anonymous said...

For ANYONE who wants to know why Mrs. Deanna Spingola, and so many others like myself, believe that this Sandy Hook situation is so critically-important to address...


Why people can not just move on from this and focus on what is happening that is absolutely verifiable/provable is simply beyond my understanding, and all of this arguing and mud-slinging is doing NOTHING but assisting the demons walking-on-two-legs in their literal assault upon the human-race. Why can't you people see and understand this?


George Jones said...

So hoaxers, what was actually gained from Sandy Hook other than a bunch of infighting where people like Pat in Colorado calls everyone a joo this or jooey that for not believing his fantasy?

Seriously what has been gained?

"George, re: " really don't see how damaging this is to the real truth movement..."

Pat: "I never bought that so-called "argument" since the first time GlennCo proposed it over a year ago, ref: "Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts"

Pat misses the point AGAIN. SH hoaxers are some of the most combative and nasty people you will ever meet on the Internet. They just can't let go of their precious little theory and will at all costs try to belittle anyone who gets in their way. I reiterate, these appear to be Cass Sunstein tactics. Halbig is their hero and Deanna is their enemy. They will despise a zionist like Glenn Beck (rightfully) but they love ole Halbig and make every excuse for them. LOL.

zapoper said...

Sandy Hook is just a divide and conquer tool plain and simple.

I don't understand either why people who aren't agents just wont let it go.

RJ said...

"The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the GOYIM communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence." 5th protocol of zion.

Aleksa said...

George Jones@@

Pat misses the point AGAIN. SH hoaxers are some of the most combative and nasty people you will ever meet on the Internet. ""They just can't let go of their precious little theory and will at all costs try to belittle anyone who gets in their way. I reiterate, these appear to be Cass Sunstein tactics. Halbig is their hero and Deanna is their enemy. They will despise a zionist like Glenn Beck (rightfully) but they love ole Halbig and make every excuse for them. LOL""

You nailed it!

I never met such prepared debaters,such good organization when it comes to call in to show where there is a SH debate going on!
They are better prepared then any other scollar that deals with holokost!
As soon as someone mentions SH on some show they will totaly hijack the show with the texts learned out of their heads!

When you see how organized they are,you can not others then see what a set up this SH hoax is!

Now is Deanna an agent but Sophia,Simon Shack,Jim fetzer this guy Halbnig(not a polish name) and others are the real deal!?

Who are these people,who brought them in to the REAl truth movement?!
HMMM let me guess!!??John everyones Friend did,he brought all these people in to the real JEW holohoax conspiracy!

Just ask Halbnig,Sophia,Simon Sheck ,Jim Fetzer what they think about holokost!!!

Pat Colo said...

Deanna, re your March 6, 2014 at 1:04 PM comment above:

1. your possibly spoiled Newton investigation trip with me & (unidentified) AFP person thing is ridiculous & brazenly divisive. Your point?

2. Re: "It would seem that Halbig is now the victim after my interview with him"; you were also suggesting on Jan 23, 9 days *before* this interview, that Halbig was seeking to garner 'victimhood' status, and further, that he's joosh. Ref: your February 23, 2014 at 6:19 PM comment at:

3. UNlike Werner Bock, Halbig is a former cop & customs inspector, and thus in that 'law enforcement fraternity' for life. Also UNlike Bock, Halbig doesn't have a huge piece of land which the state covets.

4. Re "...he accused me of trying to discredit him..."; that's because you plainly *WERE* trying to discredit him, same as in item 2 above; and your denial of this FACT @ 8:20 in the show, insulted your listeners' and guest's intelligence alike.

5. Certainly those who claim to believe's official SHoax story, "...have a questionable agenda." And before you DENY, again, supporting .gov's story; I'll remind you again of your statement of 'beliefs' recited in your Jan 15 show, transcribed in post #1 here:

6. Big-Pharma's demonic psych drugs agenda is important in general, and you actually have some common ground with Sofia here, as she speculated around a year ago that there may be a "mandatory mental health screening" agenda in play wrt SHoax-- a big pay day for Big Pharma indeed. But this agenda would be the case whether SH was real or hoaxed; so it's a distraction as far as SHoax-Truth is concerned.

Speaking of Sofia, and her declining to go on your show because "...she felt it would be a hostile environment" (ref: your February 22, 2014 at 4:26 PM comment at the same link as in item 2 above); it seems her instinct was correct there, if this Halbig "interview" was any indication!

7. I'd still love a reply to my @12:38 PM question above, TIA! :)

Anonymous said...

shame on you, Deanna, how many times on your shows have you scolded callers not to insult your guests?

Yettttttt, that was your leit motif concerning, Halbig.

Unknown said...

Listen to Wolfgang Halbig talk about Columbine victim Mark Taylor. Google Release Mark Taylor
He also talks about the rapes of the Columbine shooters. Adam Lanza was also raped. Google I am Adam Lanza I will be famous.
Pete Santilli episode 641

Unknown said...

To save some time, go to 1hr.22min.
google Columbine Sandy hook pedophile

larry said...

My god, spingola did more to bolster halbigs credibility than any interviews by his supporters, she also totally discredited herself. How in the world does she still have a radio show unless she is a government agent. What a truly odious personality. How does she sleep?

Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to have to fielded the calls but Spingola filibusted bc she was scared people would side with Halbig and make he look even worse.

Complete and utter fail by DS in this whitewash of Hook.

Pat Colo said...

Most recently in that "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story" discussion, I've posted an ambitious deconstruction of DS's most recent attacks on Wolfgang Halbig, rich with links, etc. This link will take you right to it:

Recynd said...

I realize I'm late to the party, but how, exactly, was this an interview? The host did the majority of the talking (and rudely at that)! I am not a Halbig supporter (nor am I an opponent; only time will tell about Mr. Halbig's motives), but he was treated VERY poorly by the interviewer. This wasn't a "hard-hitting interview" that "asked the tough questions", it was a hack job to support a personal agenda!

One does not have to be nudged, hypnotized, or highly suggestible to see that there is something incredibly fishy with the official SH narrative. I figured that out on my own, from mainstream sources and government reports. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Spingola's "debunking" of Smallstorm's work (as well as this interview with Halbig) relies heavily on cherry-picking, vague insinuation, misunderstanding, and suggestions of her own. Never does Spingola address the most relevant points or questions that "Hoaxers" have!

How I WISH someone would debunk Hoaxers' suspicions...but as of yet, no one has. I, for one, would not require "beyond a shadow of a doubt" evidence for my mind to be changed, but SOME evidence--ANY evidence--would be nice. How sad that it's come to this...but isn't THAT the point? I'm NOT a ghoul who relishes in the misery of others, but I'm not a sucker either. I don't hold others to a higher standard than I hold myself, either. If I had been caught in as many lies as our government has, I would certainly not expect anyone to take my word for anything.

Simply put (borrowing from an Adam Sandler movie), I am actually more stupid for having listened to the Spingola's Halbig interview. Thanks for nothing.

Not a Sucker said...

Wow, I have my doubts about Halbig, but Deanna Spin-ola, sure makes it clear that she isn't interested in actually interviewing him, she barely allows him to say 2 words after asking him a question, before she interrupts him in such a jarring and distasteful way. I could barely listen to her shrill voice perpetuate her shill agenda.

Nothing she says answers ANY of the hundred's of questions that are still so blatantly screaming "THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT ABOUT THIS, THIS IS A RED FLAG THAT WE ARE NOT TELLING YOU THE TRUTH".

I could not imagine anyone submitting themselves to an interview after hearing only the first few minutes of this jarring waste of time this "interview" is.

Instead of asking questions and exploring the obvious holes there are regarding the official SH Fantasy, all she does is read the official whitewash and makes excuses and/or fills in where these holes are to back the propaganda produced by this fiction of an event.

Also after readin most of the comments here, it's pretty obvious that "george Jones" is an agent, a shill.

He says: "SH hoaxers are some of the most combative and nasty people you will ever meet on the Internet. They just can't let go of their precious little theory and will at all costs try to belittle anyone who gets in their way. I reiterate, these appear to be Cass Sunstein tactics. Halbig is their hero and Deanna is their enemy. They will despise a zionist like Glenn Beck (rightfully) but they love ole Halbig and make every excuse for them. LOL"

To put everyone that questions this ridiculous fantasy of a report about SH which misses nearly every obvious hole and question we have, into the same category as if we are all mindless lemmings that all think alike makes him sound like a fool. Using terms like: "SH Hoaxer's" is a classic shill tool to ad hominem attack people while calling other's using the same tactic(hypocrite).

He says: " Typical sandy hook hoax believer behavior. Why is everyone an agent or a jew if they don't believe in the sandy hook hoax? Deanna has refuted many of the claims of you hoax beleivers and all you ever do is call her names."

Who says everyone is an agent? I think you are clearly one, pointing your finger and acusing other's of what he is guilty of and trying to deflect what any finger-pointing his way. Also every shill(like G.Jones)uses the "great Jew conspiracy theory" to try to discredit people ASKING QUESTIONS, as if everyone is going around accusing shills like him of being a Jew, when there is complete and obvious lack of such a claim. (just read the"SH Hoaxer's" comments on this page and how many of them accuse shills like him of being a Jew)

The fact that he constantly tries to simply discredit those of us simply ASKING SERIOUS QUESTIONS, makes it clear what his agenda is.

"precious little theory"? WTF are you talking about, most of us are SIMPLY ASKING OBVIOUS QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT BEING ADDRESSED.

George Jones, I hope you get the justice you deserve for working with the enemies of humanity, you pathetic piece of shill. You are a criminal for what you are doing in betrayal of your own race.(the human race).

After listening to that , I cannot ever stomach listening to her ever again. Those of us that actually think for ourselves see right through your pathetic tactics of disinformation.

I still am not 100% certain of Halbig one way or another, but this interview puts him a little more on the believable side of the equation, although still not enough due to the fact he still misses some of the most obvious WTF questions surrounding the Sandy Hook Hoax.