April 27, 2014

Cold War 2.0 and the Threat of Nuclear Warfare

The rhetoric that has been spewed in recent years about nuclear disarmament is, of course, was always just that: rhetoric. The US government has never seriously considered giving up its nuclear stockpile, or even renouncing a first-use nuclear doctrine.

As Dr. Yuki Tanaka of Hiroshima University explains, the Obama administration has not simply continued the aggressive Bush-era stance on America's nuclear arsenal, but actually extended it.

In reality, the Obama administration has simply reaffirmed and even extended the existing US nuclear policy allowing for a first-strike, offensive nuclear war against its enemies.


Unknown said...

Top Secret. Do not look here. Nuclear bombs are one of the most laughable deceptions that dupes and idiots fall for.

rodin said...

Re Revisionist was extremely good on the Delcroix podcast recently. Re knows about my "Nuclear Bombs are just another Jewish Hoax" thread @ DIF, now title redacted...

Good search is Charles Brush antigravity FYI