April 29, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.04.29

Dr. David Duke breaks new ground today in his first detailed expose of the Kosher Food Racket, the extortion and theft of billions of dollars of your food prices for the causes of Jewish racism and extremism. In this show he reveals the symbols on our foods that 98 percent of consumers have no idea what they are. In truth they represent a tax on you and your family, paying Jewish extremists for the right to put their symbols on our food. With Dr. Slattery he shows how the Jewish distribution food mafia extorts this money from food producers across America and the entire Western World.

On this show he also has a great section of the Jewish Secretary of State, Mr. Cohen (Kerry) in abject subservience to the Zionists. Dr. Duke also points out that the Kerry's statement literally shows that if the Jews and Arabs were united in one state, the Jewish masters would not allow Palestinians to have full rights or even to be a true democracy! What an unintentional admission! This is a show you should make into a video for distribution to the world! Don't forget to support the work of Dr. Duke and make a gift toward his great work today!

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mephistopheles lux said...

Dr.Duke should have dedicated this one to RJ.