April 05, 2014

Israel belongs to the Rothschilds

*Israel Lobbyist - We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!
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Christian said...

Germany did not won the first world war! This not the only lie in this uk zionist made video.

Promising Palestine to the bolshevist jews just means to establish more jewish oppression parasitic states within our western countries to loot an plunder us all. Therefor they establish the military industrial complex just benefiting the jews and their proxy wars.This is all done by infiltrating the Christians by a jewish communist corrupted party book bible.And most of the false bible prophesies are done by jews and their paid henchmen s. I do not the agree to the video, cause it center the problem only to the jewish bankers. This is a fallacy. It is world wide collective pharisaic antichrist communist judaism and their stranglehold on other nations!