Thursday, April 10, 2014

WFBI News reporter Pete Santilli reporting from Nevada


Anonymous said...

I tried to find the affiliate WFBI, and all that I could find were links to some kind of financial site. Is WFBI an NBC, ABC, CBS, or radio-station affiliate?

I am not sure if this is correct, or not, Mr. Mami.


Anonymous said...

It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

I give credit to Santilli for trying. He's working really hard to make a name in the 'truth movement'.

He started out as an urban patriotard Alex Jones clone, bashing the Islamic Brotherhood as the world's most dangerous threat. Picked up a few jew followers, starting adding in the vatican and the jesuits.

Then he moves to Rense, mentions the zionists and most of his old crowd (jews) turned on him. Now he's gone back to jesuits a little more. Somewhere along the line he 'converted' to Christianity. Now he looks like he's trying to build some cred using public stunts.

Makes me laugh.