Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.05.14

Massive Inflation Has Begun

-Fat Cat (FACTA) Legislation and Capital Controls: The federal government and the IRS want to know where every nickel of every U.S. citizen is sitting in the world. In the name of ‘paying your fair share’, we’ve thrown privacy right out the window. Andy explains
-Massive inflation has begun: Andrew takes a look at the rise of producer prices and record prices at Christies for artworks
-Listener asks if her Thrift Savings Account with USG is safe
-What used to be the debt limit is now a time limit
-The Fed has not slowed printing significantly whatsoever
-REPO agreements, legal ways to cook the books
-Where did Belgium come up with Billions to start buying Treasury Notes?
-Derivatives – 125,000 Trillion dollar time bomb
-Andy says the Putin Obama disagreement is no more than a lovers spat
-The Petro – Dollar just may be on the way out
-The student loan bubble of 1.1 Trillion dollars
-Why we won’t see a gold backed currency anytime soon
-If the Kuwaiti Dinar went up from .05 to $3.64, why can’t the Iraqi Dinar?
-Hunt Brothers silver play and the money supply connection for silver prices today

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