May 05, 2014

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero 2014.05.05

This is only the David Cole/Stein interview with Mike and not the whole show.




Colin said...

rivero is complete shill, worked for nasa and fiercelyinsists that man went to the moon in Apollo missions ... also guards the pentagon hoax ... wrote him once and politely asked him why he pushes these lies and he got nasty

Anonymous said...

And he was supposed to have the producer of HIV=AIDS, Fact or Fraud? on his show, and never did, and has been presented with the evidence that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, and he has conspicuously avoided telling us What Really Happened with AIDS, despite the strong ratings for many shows that have featured discussion of it.

As for the Pentagon, it's one thing to say that a plane didn't hit it on 9/11, but it's another thing to make fun of and attack those who say it did as being "pod people." And it wasn't something only years ago -- he did that as recently as last year after being a guest on the Jewish-Zionist gatekeeping operation, C2CAM.

Anonymous said...

Rather, Rivero says a plane did hit it.

Shabigus said...

Chem trails yo

Henry said...

What Rivero really knows about the so-called "Holocaust" could be comfortably accommodated on the head of a small pin with room left over for six volumes of "The Collected Fallacies of Eustace Mullins, David Irving, David Duke, et al"

Unknown said...

C'mon guys! What, if someone doesn't agree with your beliefs entirely they are a shill?


Get a life.

Mr. Erb, why don't you get the guy on your show? (HIV=AIDS)

Rivero is no different than any of you: KNOW IT ALLS.

None of you know it all and neither does Rivero.

Kick jew ass. Even Rivero, a jew, is trying to do that. Agree to disagree but stop this stupid shill shit.

Unknown said...

UFO's + ChemTrails + HAARP + BigFoot + Moon Walk = Jew Filth for the idiots.



yours is the only sensible comment here. these pathetic asswipes are all noise with no substance at all.

Anonymous said...

consti2tionalist (and all your other pseudonyms on here), I co-hosted a show with the producer, Steve Allen, back in 2009 and have arranged and done lots of shows on HIV/AIDS.

It's not about not agreeing with particular positions, it's about Rivero's gatekeeping.

ConCenStasi said...

shill or not that lil piggy's a gatekeeper for sure.

Chains said...

Yeah its clear when the interviewer does the bulk of the talking that he is selling you crap. that show reminded me of the Alex Jones and Michael Hoffman interview I heard several months back.

Pat Colo said...

faux/Jason @ 8:30 PM, well done on the Rivero/Pentagon part of your reply-- though I see where you mixed up Rivero's gatekeeping position; he's indeed a "commercial airliner DID hit the pentagon" whip cracker, with the "ridicule" gambit being his only weapon against non-conformers to his (proclaimed...) view. Ref:

Similar to how "ridicule" is nearly the only weapon which JOO-S.Hoax-Story advocating shills have against S.Hoax skeptics. I say "nearly" in the case of S.Hoax coz Spingola has relied more on the "Appeal to JOO Authority (It's all in the JOO S.Hoax Reports!)" and the "How Dare You! Shame On You!" disinfo gambits in pressing her (proclaimed...) beliefs re S.Hoax. She DID, however, debase herself further on at least a couple of occasions by desperately resorting to the "ridicule" gambit, including in her Mar 30 DS/KJ/Wade Shill-A-Thon show (, and in her hilarious Mar 31 appearance on Sanshilli's show which she completely bombed (

The "pentagon controversy/wedge" and the "S.Hoax & Boston wedges" ostensibly dividing the Truth Movement, are both synthetically contrived by the spook agencies. The former outed a cabal of gatekeeper/agents within 911 Truth, and the latter outed a bunch of gatekeeper/agents within the overall TM.

The only question remaining now is, which sock will constip8ionalist initially choose to "ridicule" this reply, and then which sock will he choose to "agree" with the first sock? LOL.

Unknown said...

Who gives a rats ass about my other pseudonyms-what does that have to do with anything? What is he gatekeeping? Stuff that doesnt agree with your personal agenda? You guys are like a bunch of bickering old ladies with nothing good to say. Gossip queens who throw out the baby with the bath water. You dont need the jews to destroy your cause--you do it yourselves. I havent listened to Rivero in ages and I don't dsagree or agree with him on evrrything but hey at least he is trying. Geeze!

Unknown said...

Pat Colonoscopy you're just pissed that your Sandy Hook Nose pet theory is losing steam and that Cass Sunstein is about to fire your sorry ass...LOL

Anonymous said...

consti2tionalist, you rarely address the substance of any discussion that challenges your views (planes hit the WTC buildings and there was little to no video fakery on 9/11, and no crisis actors at Sandy Hook), because you have an agenda to derail any substantive discussion on those points.

Rivero is gatekeeping discussion of the AIDS scam and chemtrails, particularly, and is pompous whenever he discusses the Apollo Moon landings no planes on 9/11 and the Pentagon, and even Charlie Giuliani rightly took him to task for attacking those who hold that a commercial airliner did not hit the Pentagon.

He was on Jewish-Zionist C2CAM three times and never criticized Israel or Zionism once, despite being prompted at least twice by George "If it's Jewish, I'm in support of it" Noory to discuss what he thought were the most important issues of the day. He repeatedly through out his talking points of "money junkies" with never once mentioning the Jewish aspect.

Unlike me, who mentioned it on my Red Ice appearance and John Friend's show, even when not specifically prompted.

He also has continually perpetuated fake quotes on money as being legitimate, despite it being brought to his attention multiple times, including by myself, where he responded to my article on it that he spiked after I posted it to his site.

Stop making apologies for gatekeeping and pompous behaviour by someone with such a prominent voice in this limited alternative media arena.

zapoper said...

Hmmmm, so, what did you guys think of the interview. LOL

Does anyone think that it's weird that Cole is now allowed back on the circuit? If I were an interviewer that would be my first question. Back in the 90's he claims that he was afraid for his life and now the threat is gone?

Anonymous said...

Yes, zap, that is the big question about Cole.

I'd say it's not suspicious, since he's not causing any damage (yet). And even if he got onto some bigger shows, there are gatekeepers like Alex Jones out there to marginalize his message.

Unknown said...

faux said "consti2tionalist, you rarely address the substance of any discussion that challenges your views (planes hit the WTC buildings and there was little to no video fakery on 9/11, and no crisis actors at Sandy Hook), because you have an agenda to derail any substantive discussion on those points."

I won't because it's counter productive and divisive. Have you seen what such topics are doing to the truth movement? I won't spend my time selling Hitler either, but hey if those are your areas of expertise, knock yourself out but you won't win many people over.

"Rivero is gatekeeping discussion of the AIDS scam and chemtrails, particularly, and is pompous whenever he discusses the Apollo Moon landings no planes on 9/11 and the Pentagon, and even Charlie Giuliani rightly took him to task for attacking those who hold that a commercial airliner did not hit the Pentagon."

So you're the authority on these topics eh? Well I'm agnostic about the moon landings so I guess I'm a gatekeeper too.

You're anal and you're divisive faux but you just don't see it. You fight with your own allies. You're pride won't allow you to lose a debate. Too many egos in this tooth movement, and you sir have one of those egos...

I don't typically argue with know-it-all because it does not good. It will just be an endless argument of how you are right and how I am wrong, trust me I have been there boy.

This was a gem of a show yet again, you guys kill it's message.

Zapoper, like you perhaps he just doesn't give a fuck anymore since he has been outed he might as well go balls to the wall with the truth.

Anonymous said...

@consti2tionalist, No, you're not a gatekeeper of the Moon landings, because you don't do a daily weekday three-hour show like Rivero does, and neither do I.

I haven't personally gotten into them or chemtrails on my own show, as I have other focuses, but I don't forbid discussion of them.

Anyone who has listened to my show, especially when I was on Oracle, would hear how open-minded I was with callers, even when I was guest-hosting Charlie's show and was called a Jew by Rick from Florida, and he was caught off-guard that I didn't mute or dump him.

And it's not divisive if people are sharing information. What is divisive is what you and Aleksa prominently did in personally attacking people, specifically on Sandy Hook.

And you were the one who said that Mike Delaney "expertly refuted" Simon Shack on 9/11, despite you having contempt for Delaney and his CI views, showing you will swing your support behind someone you don't support just because they are on the attack on someone you view as a current bigger enemy.

Unknown said...

Lets just say that as of late I have gone through an attitude adjustment. At this point I don't really care of have control over what people talk about, I only have my own opinions based on information and facts presented to me.

The one thing I have noticed though is this constant infighting when in reality we are all really allies. At the end of the day sometimes it's better to agree to disagree than belabor an argument that is going nowhere and fast.

Yes I still disagree with CI but I'm willing to consider what others have to say. I think I just don't want to take part in infighting anymore.

My one main emphases at this point will be what I have always set out to do: help make talking about the chosen ones a normal, not taboo such as it still is today.

Unknown said...

A little digression to make a point.

Older folks may remember The Andy Griffith show with the beloved righteous Sheriff who maintain peace through "white lies." A little more thought brings a real insight into how rulers maintain authority by withholding information or downright lying to their perceived subjects. Rulers live with the fear that fully informed subjects will realize that they have no use for a leader.

Those adhering to Talmudism see truth as a mere versatile tool subservient to a "the end justifies the means" scenario. Unfortunately in a self-justification, deceptive world, every leader is subject to using deception as a means of creating and maintaining hegemony.

It appears to me that the ethnicity that calls itself Jewish irrespective of religiosity will lie as a matter of maintaining hegemony for its tribe. Rivero is especially egregious in that he overplays obvious nonsense in order to glorify his twisted facts into warped pictures. He's a woolly-wolf expert, NASA-borne cult leader.

People who acknowledge their mistakes with humility and repentance, placing truth above themselves, are undervalued by fools seeking man-gods to rule over them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. David Cole/Stein is an absolute hero of mine, despite being a jew, he is NOT a demon walking-on-two-legs.

God bless this very courageous man for having that courage to say and do what the absolutely vast majority of the fucking stupid- and ignorant-masses would never DARE dream/think of doing--openly proving the biggest hoax of the twentieth century, and doing it under-threat of death from real demons walking-on-two-legs, who actually DID attempt to murder him, multiple times.

God bless him, and God bless those who have the courage to speak-out on this bullshit.


Unknown said...

David Cole said he is no longer scared for his life because the Jewish Defense League (JDL) is gone and the leader of the JDL committed suicide in jail.

Anyone who still falls for the laughable 40 year old Moon Walk bullshit is either a brainwashed idiot with a very small brain or a Liar/Deceiver.


rivero a gatekeeper?! LOL. talk about paranoia. these fools will probably label their own parents gatekeepers if they refuse to believe the existence of the nwo. i'm sorry that i wasted my time reading the comments of these "geniuses". at least there's really one sane person in the truth movement (consti2tionalist) giving it a fighting chance to overcome the nwo.

"C'mon guys! What, if someone doesn't agree with your beliefs entirely they are a shill?" so true.

1776blues said...

I have never heard Rivero or Cole mention that the enemies (prisoners) of the state were mostly communist Jews and Hitler was fighting to keep them from taking over Germany again.

Rivero's belief that the Reichstag fire alleged false flag along with his belief a plane hit the pentagon and I think he also believes we landed on the moon, are three huge issues I have with him.

He actually told me via email that if the 911 truth movement makes the no plane hit the pentagon as evidence to support 911 was indeed a false flag attack, the government would then release the video that shows a plane. That was 3 years ago. I replied that they have had 10 years to present the proof and haven't yet, which debunks his claim. He never responded to me again.

Sorry consti2tionalist but Rivero's constant raging on Hitler and his constant use of Nazi to describe a hot topic, an agency, or a politician, etc.... is enough to make my blood boil. He does make Jews smile when he attacks the Third Reich and Hitler.

Anonymous said...


I never called Rivero a shill, but I did call him a gatekeeper.

What else does it make you if you are told by different people about the AIDS scam, cancel a tentative interview, and never discuss the matter in-depth, all when shows that do discuss it get some of the highest ratings?

I personally reached out to him several times in a good way. Then, I later concluded that he was just as much a gatekeeper as George Noory on that issue. The only difference being is that Noory is a complete hypocrite, because he signed the Mbeki petition calling for a reappraisal of the issue, and when he finally got his big audience at C2C, he deliberately kept discussion of the scam off the air, despite a VP there being receptive to the issue.