June 11, 2014

Adolf Hitler Explains His Reasons For Invading The Soviet Union

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Anonymous said...

Listen to this, all you pro-Russian Putin lovers that celebrate "The Great Patriotic" war of the Red Army monster hordes.

The USSR was half of Asia and half of Europe already and it wanted MORE MORE MORE. No the Russians didn't want to develop their nation. No, they wanted to invade Europe and get the pearl of Civilization. First Finland, the Baltic, Rumania, Bulgaria and Poland, then Germany, then heart of Europe, and then Western Europe.

Germany and her European partners fought the Great Patriotic War, not the Bolshevik Communists that annexed one state after another with the Crony Capitalists' West approaval.

All you Slavic morons in the WN movement, that still believe the Moscow Marxist propaganda that WW2 was a defensive war for the Russians, need to really study history and get over their patriotard emotions.

And btw, develop your own country and DO NOT come to Europe. If Whites are all the same and sheeet, then develop your meta-continent or hand it over to Germans that are capable of developing it for you. I would say, Putin save Europe from the foreign hordes! But I just don't trust the Asiatic Hordes that brought so much devistation over our continent and some Slavs within our ranks have the audacity to still blame Hitler like the MSM does. I guess, Hitler was right. Just being White, doesn't make you an Aryan.

Anonymous said...

The russians? You should say the Jews. The Jews decided everything in the USSR. And tehy have all power in the Putin's Russia too

Anonymous said...

Have you not noticed that when Brits, French, Americans learn the truth about Hitler, they change their view, while many Slavs do not, especially Poles and Russians? You can't blame the Jew for that.

Shabigus said...

Oh snap

Anonymous said...

There were other kinds of voices in Russia in the 90's and some also in the 2000's. But now they must all be jewish bolscheviks or else they are in trouble.

Many Brit and Amreicns and French don't want to know the truth. Poles are uncureable because killing of the Germans and robbing their lands

Anonymous said...

Can you give names of Russians? And just because there is a law, doesn't shut people up. There are people in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France where you go to prison.

Russia killed way more Germans than Poles and the land grab was done by Russia. Poland is just the administrator for Russia. The parts that Poland now has is de jure still Germany in Russia's occupation zone.

Poland is a laughable state and without the Allies, she would have been dealt with. No way, Poland could have pushed Germans West by herself. If she could, she deserved the land her people now live in German cities.

The whole world buddied up and encircled Germany to gang rape her. At least West-Aryans understand this and have the courage to revise it.