July 26, 2014


Guest: Charles Giuliani

Nick and Charles discuss various topics

Delcroix, Alex the Serb, Octave and Brizer also join the show.
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Anonymous said...

25 minutes in, the issue of the persecution of Baha'is in Iran was mentioned.

It's definitely not only alleged, as the Qur'an says that Muhammad is the last prophet sent by God to humanity, and in any country governed by the Shariah, faiths that have sprung up since Islam have traditionally not been allowed to publicly propagate or practice their religion in any way, and it makes sense from the perspective that if you feel you have the complete message from the creator of all things, then anything deviating from that is a falsehood and corrupting, to a degree.

As for the Baha'i faith itself, it oddly accepts Muhammad as a prophet sent by God, but in order to do that and change his teachings, it has to claim that the Qur'an is overwhelmingly metaphorical. Just try reading a translation of the Qur'an and ask yourself if you think it's speaking metaphorically about hell, for instance.

Anonymous said...

For the funny thing, 27 minutes in, Charlie talks about the ridiculous network he was on prior -- Waking America Radio Network.

In a way it's old news, but the network was so ridiculously bad that it deserves comment now, if only for laugh purposes. The guy who started the network kept his word about no censorship, but immediately blamed the listeners for his bad server quality and settings, with lots of listeners constantly losing the feed every few seconds, and he arrogantly kept insisting there was nothing wrong on his end.

Then, with the shows not being archived inconsistently, and over a week later, and the host not informing Charlie about it, saying he forgot, when asked.

And Charlie expressed concern over the possible intention of the logo of the network, of an all-seeing eye, and hinted at whether perhaps the network was started for other purposes.

Then, the funniest thing, was Charlie mentioning the ad for another host's "upcoming" show, that was for January, and was still playing in April when Charlie unceremoniously left without telling the network founder. LOL.

Looking now, the site laughably claims it's starting fresh in July. Only five days left, and given the founder's track record, I wouldn't hold my breath!

Unknown said...

The truth about the Baha'i principles: