Monday, July 7, 2014

The Spingola Zone at AFP 7/7/2014

Deanna's guest is Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, the author of two books,  The Synagogue of Satan and In The Name Of Yahweh.

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Anonymous said...

21 minutes in, Deanna made what can be strongly inferred as an indirect reference to Veronica Clark. Thing is, Clark didn't just subscribe to some SPLC newsletter, she actually admitted to being a member.

Here's what it used to say on there as recently as 2/2/14 until it was apparently scrubbed:

"She is a proud SPLC member (since 2009) and official ADL Supporter. Her activism includes monitoring white supremacist hate sites and raising asexual awareness."

Anonymous said...

The link:

Unknown said...

Fauxcapitalist said:

''Thing is, Clark didn't just subscribe to some SPLC newsletter, she actually admitted to being a member.''

She did that because of harassment by looney WN types who thought she was going to be their new Messiah/WhiteBabyMaker. I suspect the asexual issue and the call to Islamic conversion also has to do with it.

Her books are exellent, as is all the work she did with Deanna Spingola. Can anybody debunk anything she wrote or discussed in numerous hours of radio?

Veronica Clark is imo one of the best personalities this ''movement'' has brought but also the most hated and slandered. Which I see as proof that ''we'' are losing and losing hard.

What people do in their free time, whether it's playing dress-up or posting naked selfies to impress women, doesn't really interest me. It's substance that matters to me me.


Anonymous said...

@Dolf P,

In the absence of a gun being put to her head, does it matter what the justification is for her being a "proud" member of an enemy organization?

BnC said...

LOL @ Pas

Anonymous said...

Thinking somebody being new Messiah is harrasment?

It was very ridiculous to say that Martin Bormann could be the best candidat for being "Werther". Very many other issues can be debunked.

Spingola writes in her new book that 3,3 million soviet POWs died in the captivity. The german statistics gives the number 1,68 million. In 1997 Izvestija told that 1,78 million soviet POWs died in the hands of the Germans. Spingola writes that they did not get enough food and only Manstein gave better rations against the rules. However, f.e. Walter Post tells us that Hitler ordered to give enough food to them and keep them alive. The planned ration was 2000 kcal but the logistics could not afford that. She reminds the soviet destroying and this is ok. But the Germans tried to keep them alive. They are still to blame, because the prisoners could have een taken more quickly into the Reich.

It is amazing, how Spingola accuses the Peipers forces in the Malmedy affair. Why do they released them if they really had been quilty? In the 1990s' the living members of the tortured prisoners still insisted that they did not kill the prisoners. There were some cases that the prisoners tried to escape or pick up their guns, when the americans attacked again and they saw their chance. Something like that. The whole thing was a planned plot which was waiting something like this. Then the americans started to blame Peoper's troops and soon the whole SS and also Wehrmacht. I have read that the real investigation was not negative to germans but IKE supressed it and started lying. After the battles the americans gathered many frozen bodies. Most of them were killed in the battles in the area. After the war some americans told that Peiper had been very kind and when he had to retreat and the germans had lost he released all the prisoners at hand.

If some SS-general has stated that he had ordered to kill prisoners, this is not emugh. In the Nurenberg prosesses almost every statemend and confession of this kind is a lie and the result of bribing, threatening, torturing etc.

I have 50 pages left. Almost everything else in the book has been o. k.

Unknown said...

Fauxcapitalist said:

''In the absence of a gun being put to her head, does it matter what the justification is for her being a "proud" member of an enemy organization?''

Well, I guess to her the harassment had come to that point.

Everybody has, in the eyes of others, good and bad things. In my eyes the good things Veronica Clark has brought outweight the bad stuff by far.

Btw. What kind of SPLC member and ADL supporter makes translations of Nazi speeches by Hitler and Himmler and writes well sourced pro NS history books? We could use more of them!!


What I meant was: great shows man, thanks! :D

Unknown said...

@ Dolf P - I have barely even heard of Veronica Clark and I don't care much for 'celebrity figures' anyways as they usually turn out to be frauds/disinfo agents so I can't speak to the accuracy of her translations, historical interpretations, etc.

However, the answer to the question you ask - "What kind of SPLC member and ADL supporter makes translations of Nazi speeches by Hitler and Himmler and writes well sourced pro NS history books?" - is the more or less standard disinformation agent.

Some others suspected of this status are Mark Weber(I.H.R), David Irving and David Cole/Stein, among many others.

Their reasons are 3 fold:

1. Control the discussions for various reasons from espionage(monitoring and tracking opposition) to subtly but effectively pushing out more astute figures that are able to control discussion as well into the "fringes" of opposition movements when they are less of a threat.

2. To disseminate disinformation in small bits among a wealth of "true" information that can later be used against the opposition movements being infiltrated to dismiss their claims as being false.

3. To produce very effective PR attacks against the targeted opposition movement by having an agent build up a respected reputation and then turn around and contradict or dispute that movement's core notions so the media can say "even their own know it's bullshit!".

For examples of the last point see the "Holocaust by bullets" or David Cole's recent "substantial evidence of some gassings at other camps besides Auschwitz" claim, and so forth.

It is odd that David Cole says "this amount of evidence here means no extermination but the same amount(lack) of evidence over there proves that extermination took place there".

Odd that he comes out of nowhere and becomes a key celebrity figure that is on all kinds of Hollywood programs and such and then supposedly is threatened into going into hiding - as a wealthy, party-hard Hollywood 'animal' in the company of major Hollywood and political figures - then get's "exposed" only to reclaim his former celebrity and write a book that makes him lots of money and which attacks many of the central notions of his revisionist followers.

Then he ends up supposedly hiding in his basement in fear for his life for what he was about to expose in his book - being distributed through major outlets without any censorship or serious issues - when if the book really was as explosive as he suggested it would have been fought, censored and he likely would have really been killed long before it was published.

The only thing I've noted that is "explosive" in the book is his new "gassings took place" claims.

I believe it was either Stalin or Lenin that suggested that the best way to fight opposition was to control it as you can make it work for you instead of expending time and resources fighting it.

One should never trust those who actively try to be "leaders" within a movement and thus try to control the discourse, though not all such people are "agents".

Whether true or not Veronica Clark does seem to give that impression of being too eager to "lead the way" - from in the company of ADL and SPLC figures and such who are staunch opponents of the movement.

My creed is to not trust or give anyone celebrity status, all claims should be examined and considered the same way regardless of the source(s) or their background and history.

I'll have to make a note to review her works and interviews and such in the future so I can make a more educated comment regarding her specifically.


Unknown said...

@ Unknown

Great points! I fully agree with you except the answer on the question I raised. I find it hard to believe that a real plant would openly admit to being one.It's she who made these claims about herself, nobody else. Are there many Mossad agents in the alternative media who openly admit they're operational spies?

As for the comparison to Weber and Cole. They also have put out great work but they are now making wild claims without providing any proof. This is a problem for me. VC has never made claims like that whilst the opportunities where there.

I hope you can find her interviews, they used to be archived at veraiconapublishers but that site is gone. Her last interview is on her blog and oddly it was taken down by the TUT (an ''islamo-christian'' network, not my cup-o-tea), who did the interview with her:

The last one, I know of, she did with Spingola:
Deanna also brings the SPLC thing up.



Anonymous said...

Oh shit! Deanna thinks that only 2000 Germans died in Zgoda. However, Poland and the Soviets have faked documents of tje bolshevik camps and still the facts are being supressed. The stories already indicate that there have been more deaths. The prisoners have estimated, that 10 000 have died. When people died, all the time more prisoners came in. The diseses killed almost whole camp simultaneously. F. e. in polish camp in Lamsdorf a German doctor (Esser) counted over 6000 deaths.