August 02, 2014

C-SPAN - Conspiracy Theories

Kurt Eichenwald talked about his Newsweek article, “The Plots to Destroy America,” in which he examined conspiracy theories and the threat they may pose to U.S. national security. He argued that conspiracy theories had increased in “number and significance” due to the Internet and social media. One of the examples Mr. Eichenwald cited was a member of Congress who accused the Obama administration of allowing unaccompanied child immigrants from Latin America into the U.S. for the purpose of performing medical experimentation on them. He added that, “When you have policy being shaped by fantasy, you end up with pretty bad policy.”


crawdadnorthdakota said...

that star child news anchor is obviously an alien hybrid

Anonymous said...

Medical experimentation? They are in the US to crowd out White Americans. The US could easily experiment on them in their countries via CIA operations if it wishes to.

MaryC said...

Of course, he is using the child immigrant issue as a red herring. The real "conspiracy theories" he is worried about are those exposing Jewish criminality.