Thursday, August 21, 2014

UK police probes MP Galloway for anti-Israel remarks

More famous for his stint in Celebrity Big Brother. George is in the red leotard.
British police have questioned prominent UK lawmaker George Galloway over his critical statements of the Israeli regime.
The development on Tuesday came after Galloway said in August 2 remarks that Israeli tourists, goods, academics, and services are not welcome in his northern city of Bradford constituency, saying that the city is an Israel-free zone.
    “We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone… we don’t want any Israeli goods,” said the Respect MP, speaking to activists at a meeting in Leeds.
Blasting the Israeli regime for the recent massacre of Palestinians during its massive onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip, Galloway also called on his party members to boycott goods from Israel, its services and academics.

Additional: Thanks to phyllis66, i have sourced a copy of the original speech online for you to watch below.The pertinent part of the speech that the Police are investigating is @ 30 minute mark.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I tuned in at the 30 min point and agree with his statements. Love him or hate him, we could use a few more of him around the world.... just a few to get things rolling.

Henry said...

Notwithstanding Galloway's correct stance on Gaza and Israel, it has to be said, there's not many Yorkshiremen nor even "Englishmen" sitting in that room.

They should all fuck off back to where they, their parents, and their grandparents, came from; and take Galloway and the "British" Jews with them.

In the following link we see the cultural Marxist "Monty Pythons" softening up the Yorkshire folk with a spot of critical theory in readiness for the joys of diversity they enjoy [sic] today...

Henry said...


@51:50 a plant in the audience feeds Galloway the question "why did Britain give the land to the Zionists"? Galloway then goes on to fashion a bullshit version of history by openly lying (@52:30) that "Britain wanted, in the words of Balfour at that time, to have a loyal little Jewish Ulster in the heart of the Middle East..."

The comment about a "little Jewish Ulster" did not come from Balfour but from Ronald Storrs.


The Guardian‘s stance on the Balfour Declaration found congruence with the Empire’s first Military Governor of Jerusalem, Sir Ronald Storrs. He too emphasised, but in biological terms, the importance of Egypt in that it was the “jugular vein of the British Empire” and that the Jewish colonisation of Palestine would bring forth “for England ‘a little loyal Jewish Ulster’ in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism


Don Damore said...


Was not Britain losing the war?

Rothschild said promise us Palestine and we will hook the Americans to fight this war with you and win it for you and for us.

Henry said...

"Was not Britain losing the war?"


From whom did you get that idea?..Benjamin Freedman?

"Rothschild said promise us Palestine..."

Britain didn't have Palestine to promise nor did they give it to the Jews when they acquired it.

Have you ever read the Balfour Declaration? It's worthless as a "promise." If anyone was conned it was the Zionists, sick Tommy Wilson, and the Liberty Loaned Doughboys, who turned up late and performed very badly indeed, shedding 100,000 men in the process.

The fact is that nobody was losing except in the sense that Europe was destroying the best of her blood-stock and so a way had to be found for one side to convince the other side to stop the slaughter. After 4 hard years the import of millions of fresh young men from a nation of vast resource and far beyond reach was enough to bring the war to a close once Germany realised further sacrifice was hopeless and needlesy wasteful.

The Zionists made an offer to the British that was accepted a similar offer was made to the Germans but they had the misfortune of having Turkey for an ally and it was Turkey that had Palestine...So no deal with the Germans could be had for that reason alone.

Germany lost perhaps 4x the men that the UK (inc Ireland) lost and just as the British never set foot on German soil, so too did the Germans never set foot on British soil, and nor were they ever likely to.

Itzda Joos said...

Hear! Hear! Well said Henry!

@ Noor - as you are often, you're way off on this one!!! You just did exactly what millions of idiots all over the world do every day - form an opinion on something (you probably have little actual knowledge on) based simply by listening to a few words on Youtube! Don't fall into that obvious trap! Galloway is a clown!

Anonymous said...

@ Henry didn't the Jews get Palestine in the end anyways and do you honestly think US would ever have sided with Germany with the treasonous Wilson in office. I Germany was given this option, do you honestly think they would have kept their alliance with Turkey

Henry said...

@Christian, the Jews didn't get the authority to form a State until Nov 1947, and the country that made this so was the Soviet Union, not Britain.

Until his dying day, whenever Soviet diplomat Andre Gromyko wanted to impress someone he was about to meet, he would extend his hand (for them to shake) and announce with wry amusement "with this hand I created Israel"

Here's a pdf The Soviet Union and the Creation of the State of Israel which seeks to explain from the Jewish point of view how this came about...

As for the Jews the US and Germany? I said that the Zionists made a "similar" offer to the Germans. That doesn't necessarily mean the US were to wage physical war against Britain. There are more ways than one to skin a cat.

Britain's ally, Tsarist Russia, was very much a "cat" that the Zionists and German Jewish bankers on Wall Street looked forward to skinning. In fact only 12 yrs earlier they had employed the services of Imperial Japan for just that purpose.

When Kerensky forced the Tsar to abdicate in March 1917 the effect was to bring the Zionists and the Schiff led bankers together for the first time on the issue of who to support and how it should be done.

The Zionists had been very close to the German Kaiser since Herzl's time and at the outbreak of war in 1914, the offices of the World Zionist Organization were still located in Berlin and led by WZO president, Dr. Otto Warburg. Warburg remained Zionist President until he was replaced by Chaim Weizmann in 1921. It was Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow who made the first draft of the Balfour Declaration that Rothschild sent to Balfour for approval. That draft was rejected by the British. It is so radically different to the finished article (which was set out by crypto-Jew Leo Amery) that you should examine the two documents together to realise how much was wanted by the Jews and how little was actually "promised" by the British.

Before the US got into the shooting-war in a meaningful way, Wilson made a desperate attempt to "detach Turkey from the Central Powers" by sending former US ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau (Senior) to Egypt to negotiate Turkey's exit.

Louis Brandeis had his protégé, Felix Frankfurter added to Morgenthau's party and then cabled Weizmann warning him about Morgenthau's commission with the advice that he (Weizmann) should try make contact with it before it reached its intended destination. Weizmann was assisted in this purpose by Balfour who arranged for Weizmann to get to Gibraltar in time for Morgenthau's stopover there.

On July 3 1917, Weizmann arrived in Gibraltar one or two days before Morgenthau arrived in Cadiz from where he was then brought to Gibraltar. When Morgenthau finally arrived Weizmann and the other Zionists planted in Morgenthau's party spent two days locked in a room ("a vacuum") with him until he agreed to drop his mission.

Weizmann, being a chronic liar with no sense of what had just left his lips or flowed from his pen, described his two days in "a vacuum" thus:

"It was no job at all to persuade Mr. Morgenthau to drop the project. He simply persuaded himself, and before long announced his intention of going to Biarritz instead of Egypt. In Biarritz, he said, he would communicate with General Pershing and await further instructions from President Wilson."*

* Source: Trial and Error, Chaim Weizmann, Ch XVII.