September 26, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.09.26

Dr. David Duke has an amazing program today on evolutionary psychology. Before doing that he first exposes the Zio Control over Western nations at the UN Atomic Energy meeting in Vienna, that stymied a simple resolution for Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. America, before the total Zio takeover of our government and media saw a nuclear Israel as a great danger to world peace and tried to prevent the acquisition of Nuclear Weapons by the rogue state of Israel. But now America is just a supine slave to the Zio bosses. Then Dr. Duke goes into an incredible Health, Life and Fitness show discussing the psychology of achievement. He shows the mountain of evidence disproving the media promoted mantra that raising self-esteem is the key to achievement. He shows how praising of children for being smart, beautiful, etc, actually boomerangs on development and achievement. Find out why in this amazing program today. At the end of the show Dr. Slattery also offers a few words. Great Show!

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