September 06, 2014

Hard Truths v. MSM Big Lies

Managed news misinformation and Big Lies proliferate daily. They substitute for hard truths on issues mattering most.

Today's MSM is a lying machine. Washington's war on humanity is called humanitarian intervention. 

Israeli aggression is considered self-defense. Kiev fascist putschists are treated like democrats. 

Southeastern Ukrainian freedom fighters are called terrorists. 

Russia's heroic conflict resolution efforts are called "invasion," "infiltration," "cross-border shelling," "significant escalation," "interference," "aggression," and other pejorative Big Lies.

Fantasy substitutes for reality. It's upside down. It's twisted to support US policy. Irresponsible Russia bashing rages daily. Washington reinvented the Evil Empire.

This time it's for greater stakes. World peace hangs in the balance. 

Madness defines US policy. MSM war on truth supports it. Cheerleading what demands condemnation risks the unthinkable. Forewarned does no good.    ***Read full article here***

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