September 04, 2014

Military lawyer resigns in protest of ‘show trial’ of accused 9-11 mastermind

"The 'original sin' being the fact that the CIA tortured these men and that they've gone to extraordinary lengths to try to keep that completely hidden from public view," Wright said. "So the statute that Congress passed has a number of protections to ensure that no information about the U.S. torture program will ever come out."
Wright said other restrictions on his defense team led to the resignation.
"So not only do you have statutory design, but you actually have, in practice, a very large effort to try to ensure that no ensure that no information about torture is ever made known in public," he said.
The defense in the 9/11 case has alleged clandestine government interference with legal proceedings. Past hearings at Guantanamo have shown that listening devices were planted in rooms where lawyers and prisoners met, and that someone outside the court had a kill switch that cut the closed-circuit broadcast feed of the trial when secret CIA prisons were mentioned. In addition, the defense has alleged spying in the case, claiming the FBI propositioned a defense team security officer to be a confidential informant.
Wright cited the US government’s meddling as the biggest challenge to a fair trial for the defendants.
"The U.S. government is trying to call this a fair trial, while stacking the deck so much against the defense and the accused that it can hardly be called a fair trial in any system in the world," he said, accusing the government of staging a "show trial."
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Anonymous said...

In a fair justice system, evidence extracted by torture would be completely inadmissable, as had previously been the case in all U.S. non-military trials.

Canada, under its current Zionist Occupied Government led by Zionist zealots Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister John Baird, shamefully changed our legislation to allow information extracted by torture by other countries (like the U.S.) to be used by our border agents.