September 07, 2014

NATO War on Russia & Western Roots of ISIL: Ken O'Keefe vs. Idiot


1776blues said...

98% of the Marines, the American people? Maybe 98% of his fellow Jews support the position he and the US criminal government are lying about. Almost everyone I know oppose anymore wars.

These lapdog journalists really piss me off.

I have one question though; who put that guy's head in a vice and squished it?

Unknown said...

Okeefe is badass

Tim said...

at 18:00 min keefe makes mistake of agreeing to fake 98% numbers, thereby allowing the jew to appear to be speaking for the us military., even though keefe is the military guy.

smart tactic, not an idiot at all

Christopher Marlowe said...

There seems to be an endless line of Jews who are willing to go on TV and invent lies to start wars.