September 27, 2014

The CIA/MSM Contra-Cocaine Cover-up

With Hollywood set to release a movie about the Contra-cocaine scandal and the destruction of journalist Gary Webb, an internal CIA report has surfaced showing how the spy agency manipulated the mainstream media’s coverage to disparage Webb and contain the scandal, reports Robert Parry.
In 1996 – as major U.S. news outlets disparaged the Nicaraguan Contra-cocaine story and destroyed the career of investigative reporter Gary Webb for reviving it – the CIA marveled at the success of its public-relations team guiding the mainstream media’s hostility toward both the story and Webb, according to a newly released internal report.               ***Read full article here***

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Anonymous said...

When Webb was found dead with two shotgun wounds to the head, it was done on purpose. They wanted people to know that they could kill them in the most ridiculous way and still get away with it by declaring it a suicide