Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.09.16

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by two Christian and Biblical scholars who have radically different perspectives of the origins of Christianity, the historicity of Jesus Christ, and a variety of other topics relating to the Christian religion and ancient history. Pastor Eli James, author of The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-christ has Deceived the Whole World, and Joseph Atwill, author of Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus, will participate in a moderated discussion about these subjects.

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Anonymous said...

Way to set up a false dichotomy...

Sounds like both of them do the exact research required to back up their biased views.

Would love to hear Atwill explain why it absolutely impossible for Jesus of Nazareth to have been born in the winter solstice, just as much as I would love to hear Eli James explain why Yahweh, god of the Old Testament, is nothing more than the lifted story of the Phoenician god El, the Bull God, god of all creatures, and father of man...

What's worse is that the likes of people like John Friend attach this Christian Identity garbage to the NSDAP and Hitler, much like Delaney tried. Keep your filthy hands of our Fuhrer!

“Judaism has made itself into a new absolutism to impose and apply to any past or future contingency.” – Miguel Serrano

"...In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of Jewish tribalism. At the same time, oddly enough, some Gentiles are starting to believe that their ethnic groups are the real Israelites instead of Jews, and other Gentiles are attempting to revive other tribalist religions. What is going on?

We invite everyone to consider the possibility that Yahweh has decided to hedge his bets. No doubt Jews have carried the Tabernacle a long way and with tremendous success, but now with Zionism exposed it would be sensible for Yahweh to make Covenants with Gentiles also, so that they can pick up the Tabernacle in case Jews drop it. The more sides Yahweh can simultaneously back (under many different names if need be), the more secure his power. So long as tribalism lives on, Yahweh continues to rule the world via those who consider themselves Chosen People whose interests take precedence over those of everyone else’s, whomever they may be.

As the voice of Amalek, our instructions to the world are simple. If you spot a Tabernacle anywhere within your own soul, destroy it at once. Following this, prepare to be attacked by those who have refused to destroy it from within theirs." http://aryanism.net/religion/judaism/

rodin said...

They don't seem to realise the Dead Sea Scrolls are faked http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=77604

Unknown said...

Eli keeps saying that the Pharisees were jews and Jesus was not a jew. Then why did Jesus try over and over again in the gospels to try to get the Pharisees to accept him instead of rejecting him? He told them that they were rejecting him as a useless stone in the parable about the builders who rejected the stone that would later become the main cornerstone. He also tried to get them to accept him with about a half dozen other Parables. He was a jew just like they were.

The Jewish Roman war didnt start out as Roman vs Jew. It started out as Jew vs Jew. Rome only stepped in when the rebels overthrew the jewish leadership. The poor, low class insurgent rebel jews were of the opinion that "how DARE the romans waltz into the temple and collect taxes". They were of the opinion of "Moses would never pay taxes on the Holy Land. Why are we paying taxes? How dare the Romans rule over god's chosen." The Pharisees and jewish leadership of the time were of the opinion of "Hey, we have it pretty good here. Lets not rock the boat. The Romans have pretty much let us be and practice our religion in peace. Lets not stir up trouble". Little rebel groups started to form. The Zealots, the Sacarii, etc and they were religious fanatics who were old school hardcore jews and they wanted the lack luster Pharisees overthrown.

Amazingly they did in fact take over Jerusalem and rule it for about 3 years. Thats right. The REBELS actually took over Jerusalem and fought off a small group of Roman soldiers who came down there to restore order and were independent for 3 years. (67-70AD) The early version of these uprisings were just starting to take shape right around the (alleged) time of Jesus. Jesus was just one of these poor insurrectionist jews who hated the jewish leadership. Dont forget he hung out with Zealots and Sacarii. Simon the Zealot. Judas Escariot. Thats literally all we are looking at. Jesus and the Zealots were jews just like the Pharisees.

Jews have always agreed that Israel should be exalted and that gentiles are the scum of the earth and should be trampled. But they have had major disagreements on the best way to achieve these things. That was the conflict between Jesus/Zealots/Sacarii and The Pharisees/Jewish leaders/priest class. Eli sounds so dumb when he says the Pharisees were jews but Jesus wasnt.

Anonymous said...

CG debated him a couple years ago.