September 09, 2014

The Return of Tyr with Drew 2014.09.09

Tonight I will be discussing Feisal Abdul Rauf also know as, “that muzztard that wanted to build a mosque at ground zero.” I will show how Islam and Judaism are combining forces to undermine the west, Islamic Nationalphobia, and touch on a little bit of NC Jewish history.

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Civilian said...

He wanted to build an Islamic centre not a mosque.

There is a mosque in New York and has been there for years. A block or two from ground zero.

Islam does not interfere with the West, it simply lives with them. Islam doesn't control anything because if they did, the blacks wouldn't be thanking them for taking all the shit that they used to.


Unknown said...

@ Civilian

''Islam does not interfere with the West, it simply lives with them''

In small numbers maybe, but with the percentages in most of our dutch cities it's more than interference, it's changing the country. Not very positively, unfortunately.

It was an exellent show btw. Andrew puts out very good stuff imo and he's a laid-back, easy to listen to fellow.

Unknown said...

Civilian said...

"Islam does not interfere with the West..."

If that's sarcasm, then it's not clear. If it isn't then you either have absolutely no clue what goes on in reality behind closed doors at local & national government level or you are just a plain liar trying to cover the truth!

I live in a "western" country and was involved with city council of the largest city here for almost 2 decades. I know damn well just how much islamic campaigners, lawyers & businessmen "interfere" in my society at a political & business level. Let me tell you - they think the average European & "native" inhabitant here is pathetic for letting them get away with exploiting soooo much and "interefering" in our western society to the HUGE degree they do! If the average pleb knew a fraction of what goes on behind closed council doors they'd shit themselves.

Civilian said...

@ Itza Joos

Tell me, what have they forced upon you, that changes the way you live your life?