September 15, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.15

Plagiarism in the bible and its paganism roots. (2 callers)

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Anonymous said...

Brian says poll is 55 yes 45 No - where does he pull this figure from?

Today you gov shows no vote at 52 and gaining

does he realise scotland will likely go into the eu - where is the independence if this happens?

oh and they will have to take the euro -

lets coin a new word unindependence

defined as a psychotic national state of mind whereby the people believe they are independent but are not.

quaere verum said...

What do we do? Stay with the jew run UK or go to the jew run EU.

Scotland is a small country (4million) and still relatively white. If the likes of me and other enlightened Scotsmen can spread the truth about jew dominance then, maybe,just maybe, Scotland can do an Iceland and kick the jew banksters out.

The jew banksters have ran us since the 1707 act of union. The first Jacobite "rebellion" in 1698 to put a Stuart back on the throne, who would have closed the bank of England and maybe kicked the jews out, failed and then the jews got their way to pull Scotland into their debt web.

Over 300 years we have been controlled by the jews . I believe Scottish people, on their own, could wake up.

quaere verum said...

Again, Scotland do not automatically go into the EU. We have sixteen months in which to apply according to the information I have been given although, there has been much misinformation flying about over the last few months.

If this is correct ,then it gives us some time to try to get some truth out before the jews do to us what they did, and are doing to Ireland. Ireland has to be our example of where we do not want to go.
I have already started to put out some truth i.e.
My video's are under the pseudonym Quaere verum

Anonymous said...

If scots say yes and reject jewu membership - I say hooray to that

I just am not as optimistic as you QV

Wish you the best in your efforts to educate the scots on the evils of jewish power (that is meant sincerely)

however, i am in scotland too, and people are generally aware only of the "english" role in their grievance/disempowerment

Unknown said...

The solution is to leave the UK and deal with the EU afterwards. It's time England gives back both Scotland and Ireland.