October 09, 2014

First USA bombs Syria to get ISIS. Now they claim they must remove Assad to get ISIS.

USA failed to invade Syria last Summer.  This year they created ISIS in order to bomb them in Syria.  NOW THE U.S. WILL INVADE SYRIA.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

McCain and Graham and their spawn should be made to enlist for active duty if they insist on such horrendous activities. Let them lead their troops.... and see how long it takes before they are victims of a friendly fire accident.

Unknown said...

It all seems hopeless, no one knows how to deal with these vagrants in DC, things will continue along their agenda, no one will stand in their way. America is the parasitic malignant festering armpit of the World.

Who is REALLY to blame, us or them for allowing this to occur?

El Buggo said...

The tribe who control the media has again manufactured a world view that justifies war. The media controlled government complied (as usual).

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Tim it depends on how gentle you wish to be with yourself and the folks around you.

The big trick these folks have is our fostered naivete and natural belief in good. That leaves most of us in the unhappy ignorant position of not believing others can be so downright vile. They, on the otherhand, have calculated our innocence as a weapon to be used against us.

That gave them the door in despite warnings from wiser heads.

As so many hundreds of times before, the tribe succeeded in taking over yet another gentile civilization ~ with complicity from traitors within.

You are only responsible if ~ once knowing the truth ~ you remain complicit and silent. If you do not speak out or take some positive action, you are complicit.

Unknown said...

That's all good and well Noor, but at some stage you still ALWAYS need a small corp of well-trained, focused men to do the quick, hard & usually violent work of actually physically dealing with a problem (once & for all) when required. This has been the way throughout history and will be required as a part of any future solution. Never forget that the enemy has also used this tactic many times (the difference being they just pay someone else to do it).

DISCLAIMER: I'm not personally advocating violence here simply stating fact about historical events.