October 04, 2014

Jim Traficant Remembered: All-American Hero

Traficant was by far the most outspoken, honest, populist politician of our time. While representing Ohio’s 17th district in Congress for nine terms, he took on the special-interest forces behind the U.S. government, such as the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve and the powerful Israeli lobby. Unfortunately, though, Traficant had to pay the price for his principles. In 2002, he was railroaded into prison, serving seven and a half years on trumped-up charges of racketeering and corruption. Undaunted, he did his entire time in a hardcore, maximum-security federal prison without accepting a pardon extended to him if he publicly admitted that he was guilty.“I told them to stick it up their assets,” he was fond of saying.
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Blindlight said...

Just like the Joos op,AFP to plaster this,"LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT JIM — ONLY 33 COPIES LEFT" all over the article.There's never an inappropriate time to squeeze the goyim for quid