November 12, 2014

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2014.11.12

Matthias Chang: Dollar going down, gold heading sky-high!

Matthias Chang is a former key advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Unlike most people who've risen that high, Matthias is dedicated to seeking and speaking the truth.

In this interview, Matthias Chang says the beginning of the end of the US dollar will likely be evident by the first half of 2015. That's only a few months away! He expects a "reset" as monumental as what happened at Breton Woods in 1944. The problem is that the US dollar is dying, America's dollar debt can never be repaid, and the world has caught on to the scam. Yet the Chinese and other major dollar holders can't just cash in their greenbacks all at once and crash the dollar system, because they too would go down in the cataclysm. So rather than continue to prop up the worthless dollar forever and throw bad money after good, the world's economic movers and shakers will hit "reset." Matthias expects they'll follow Alan Greenspan's recent lead and re-peg the dollar to gold - but at a vastly higher gold price than today's. So if you have spare dollars sitting around, you might want to trade in some of them for physical gold at today's artificially-suppressed prices. 

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Nona said...

But the REAL currency, or rather currencies are the tangibles - Water, - Food,- and intangeibles, Cooperation, - Compassion, - Knowledge i.e. learning, and Love of self and others. Contrary to the what we've been taught, we must love ourselves first before we can love others.

Other currencies are music, dancing, joy.

Whichever creatures taught us that metal is valuable, did us, Humans on this Earth, a disfavor, mining the metals, destroys the area, contaminates the soil. The more we mine, this includes fracking, destroys places where we could have planted food crops, or just allow to be for the beauty of it.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising he's speaking out, since he was an assistant for another outspoken person, "Mahathir Mohamad, who said that "Jews rule the world by proxy."

Eventually there will be some sort of "reset," likely tying the currency in some way to gold, as these banksters have done ever since the 1800s.

His prediction about the dollar collapsing in the first half of 2015 sounds a bit Lindsey Williams'ish, as he was predicting the death of the dollar by the end of 2012, with the key difference being that I think Chang is sincere and Lindsey Williams is a fraud (outed as a Freemason by Bill Cooper).

As for Alan Greenspan recently making positive statements about gold, that old codger knows exactly what he's doing, just as he did in the 1980s when he inflated the money supply and is now posing as some saviour. Some people think Alan Greenspan "turned" after writing his book in the 1960s praising the gold standard, but he knew all along the scam that they have been playing for around 200 years now, and even more than 2000 years in the particular case of him and his co-tribalists.