December 12, 2014

Insight into the social injustice inside Israel. Interview with Marianne Azizi.


Anonymous said...

Great Post... very enlightening to see a women stand up to Israhell... She makes a great point at the end of the video... Those Communist Zionist Bolsheviks are using the Exploiting the Jewish People as much if not more then the Goyim in order to bring a NWO "Nasty Wicked Orwellian" he'll on earth...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Talmudism (otherwise known as applied Communism)at work in our best friend, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Brilliant must-listen interview. Her comments about the social system and the destruction of the male/female relationship in family is bang on. What she said is enforced here in Commie Canada when it comes to the application of the social network. As an inside observer for several decades I saw these things being enforced consistently to "empower" women and children at the cost of the (frequently decent but confused) father. Housing visits were sometimes conducted just to look for male presence within the home.

Also, in Sweden, a decade plus ago, there was a push to put into law a tax to be paid by a man BEFORE marriage to cover the inevitable societal cost that would come from the certainty that he would beat his wife at some point. More or less. Of course that was about the time they were passing laws about non-gender-specific names for babies.

What I am saying is this stuff is soo damn insidious yet sooo in our faces especially when we see here where it originates.

This is a major expose. Nothing new but in a form to be put out there for maximum effect in our own war for the minds of the few who are awakening