December 21, 2014

Jeb Bush: One of the Founding Members of PNAC

File this under Meet the new boss  same as the old boss: 
Yes, our great and glorious Mainstream media has been touting the upcoming presidential campaign of Jeb Bush and has already declared him a frontrunner. Looks like Bush vs. Clinton v2.0 is coming soon - oh joy!  Jeb Bush has already stated that he is in support of the Common Core program for public schools, and now we learn that he was a signatory on the original PNAC documents. This article is from Larouche-pac, who have done a good job in sussing out much of the Bush family's dirty laundry but also leaving out many if not most of their Jewish connections.  Interesting how the Bush family had so many nazi connections and Jewish connections as well. Many Nazi lovers will not like the connections because they mistakenly think the two movements are entirely separate:

Jeb Bush's signature on the founding documents of the Project for a New American Century will defeat any effort by him to separate his putative presidential candidacy from his family's historical support of overt Nazi and fascist policies, including the revelations of torture detailed in the Senate's report of this week.

PNAC developed and sold the blueprint for the new (Jewish)Anglo-American imperialism which has turned the United States internally into a garrison police-state and an imperial force internationally deployed against any nation deemed unfriendly to British or American financial interests. Its primary target was China, which it describes as the potential great power competitor of the United States, although it is most famous for selling the war in Iraq.

Bush was joined as a PNAC founding signatory in 1997 by Dick Cheney, Elliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, Donald Rumsfeld, Midge Dector, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, Frank Gaffney, Fred Ikle, and Robert Kagan (husband of Victoria Nuland). Its leadership included William Kristol, Kagan's father Donald Kagan, and Gary Schmitt. (Note: Needless to say almost all of the people listed here are Jewish - Scorp). The devotion of many of these people to neo-fascist philosopher Leo Strauss is detailed in "Children of Satan."

 Robert Kagan and William Kristol introduced PNAC in a 1997 Foreign Affairs article by attacking John Quincy Adams:

"John Quincy Adams said that America 'should not go forth in search of monsters to destroy', but why not?... A policy of sitting on a hill and leading by example is a practice of cowardice and dishonor."  (Note: JQA was known for his animus towards Freemasonry and wrote extensively about its evils)

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Anonymous said...

I'm already seeing Ready for Hillary bumper stickers here. Great options for us. The Bush's and Clintons, if not jews, are totally jewed in their hearts.

Jews gonna jew.

I'm reading a good book now--Hologram of Liberty by Boston T. Party. It's a blow-by-blow account of the first Con-Con. We were screwed from 1787.

I always enjoy your podcasts, Scorp.

Unknown said...

It doesn't take too much insight to predict a landslide for Jeb in 2016.
He saved that comatose lady in Florida for a few weeks and gained the support of the christian crowd. His wife and children are hispanic so he will get that block. He is republican so they will most all go for him en masse. Even a majority of the women will vote for him because he seems like a nice guy and good husband.

I doubt Hillary will even get one state - the demo's might even switch to someone else when they get their dismal preliminary poll numbers in (mainstream americans had have more than enough of clintonobiola).

But, after all said and done, little will change except a downplaying of O'care, and a rapid forgetting of the O'years (2008-2016). Hard times are likely to continue and get even worse, probably much worse (see Harry Dent's interview by Greg Hunter).

Scorpio said...

Thanks for the kind words and good observations, Ron.

icr said...

My political advice is to join anti-fracking movements-they help Russia. Russia is the only counterweight to the neo-Bolshevist, bankster capitalist, secular hedonist American Empire. Judeo-American Empire is also the driving force behind race replacement in all historically white countries. All white countries (but *not* Israel) should be "proposition nations" that celebrate "civic nationalism" per DC. Russia does not want to be just another bankster vassal state-so the logic of the situation drives Russia to the "right" regardless of the personal flaws of Putin.

Anonymous said...

@oh really man what will happen when Russia allows china to join the Eurasian union. freemovment and unlimited free trade between eastern Europe and the chinks.