Monday, December 29, 2014

No Agenda Episode 682 - Sir Duke Don Tomaso Di Toronto Presents "Global Shot" - 2014.12.28

TODAY; SONY; F-Russia; SnowJob; Caliphate!; Agenda 21; Hookers & Blow; Ottomania; Chiner$; ISND; Ebola; Trains Good Planes Bad (Whoo Hoo!); War on Race; Drone Nation; Ministry of Truth; EuroLand; War on Chickens; Vaccine$; NA-Tech News; Haiti; Armageddon; KOCH BROTHERS!,. and all your usual listening whilst dying from a Head-Cold...or is it Ebola?! Favourites.

The Sunday Show.


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crawdadnorthdakota said...

fights at malls, they always move section 8 neighborhoods right by malls, they get da sadness then chimp out big fkn deal zogbots.