December 07, 2014

The Anti-Defamation League(ADL) forms bloc of organizations for gay marriage

The Anti-Defamation League has brought together a number of religious and Zionist organizations in what it is calling a “broad coalition in support of marriage equality,” the organization announced on Friday.
Among the Jewish groups that have joined the ADL’s coalition are the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Women of Reform Judaism, Hadassah – The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Truah: Rabbis for Human Rights – North America and the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.         ***Read full article here***
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Anonymous said...

In addition to the usual suspects, the breakdown of a Christian consensus since the 1960s is a big driving factor for the recognition of so-called gay marriage in America.

Without a huge Christian majority and mindset, it became virtually impossible to defend the push toward gay marriage in favour of equality.

Just look to any mainstream comment section now, and you will see anti-Christians and Christians-in-name-only posting how they don't really care about gay marriage, or how they favour it, and that the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation (true).

It shouldn't have taken a Christian consensus to conclude that gay marriage isn't justified. It should be excluded based on reasoning.

What is the real purpose of marriage? It's to raise children, and gays are incapable of reproducing among themselves. Some will point to infertile hetero couples, but you can't use an exception to argue against the purpose of a rule.

Other non-Jewish religious groups, despite overwhelmingly being pro-traditional family, constitute a minority in America and aren't a significant part of the ideological battle. The Zionist Christians are neutralized and the large body of other Americans don't feel it's worth fighting for when they don't feel it directly affects them -- the argument that if you don't like gay marriage, don't have one.

Yes, Jewish groups contributed heavily to the recognition of gay marriage, but so have all those who didn't step in to fill the void when the former Christian consensus was taken away, in large part by those same Jewish groups. But other groups aren't as ethnocentric and as influential or dedicated as them, so as much as a few may correctly argue about nature and reasoning, most people will favour so-called equality and going with today's popular view.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

There was just a huge gathering in San Francisco of pervy rabbis... er, open minded, gay rabbis of both genders.... and about 5 other groups of alternatives. One goal held by the gathering was apparently to dig into the Talmud and dig out all references that could be twisted into "gay think". Yes, gay rabbis at work with all their transgender spawn.

Gosh I am sure it was such lighthearted fun.

Shabigus said...

Probably allot of poop and fart jokes there.