December 09, 2014

The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli PDF

First published in 1515, 'The prince' has remained a roadmap for the elite and the power-hungry ever since.  You can rest assured every major player on the world stage, regardless of political ideology, is well acquainted with the concepts of Machiavelli: Presidents, commissars, Führers, supreme rulers and mobsters from across the globe have taken the time to read this book. Admittedly, it is a bit slow and tedious in places but nonetheless, many gems are contained within.  Once you digest this material, your world view will never quite be the same.

Download 'The Prince' pdf


Anonymous said...

Same goes for the art of war by Sun Tzu

Anonymous said...

Yes, Christian, and a big thing about Sun Tzu's work is that the way to be successful in nearly all battles is to not only know yourself, but also know your enemy.

Therefore, any supposed alternative researcher who intentionally avoids the "who" behind the what, when, why and how of what's being done to us is at best a shoddy researcher, and at worst, a shill.

Scorpio said...

Yes, The Art of War is another classic roadmap. That reminds me, I lent my copy out to a friend and never got it back.