December 06, 2014

Vice President Joe Biden Blames Jewish Leaders for Gay Agenda
*The Plot To Make America Gay
*jewish Gay Agenda for the Goyim
*Freud’s Follies and other links

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Anonymous said...

Just rent any PG movie since the late 90s aimed towards teenagers and older and you'll almost always have at least one gay reference, or several.

I was watching several movies in this past year that were produced since the year 2000, and they were so filled with all sorts of gay references, and at times, completely out of place in the script, for anything other than pure propaganda reasons of social engineering.

They got us to laugh at gays, primarily to weaken the Christian consensus that existed before the 1960s and before they got off the shackles of the Hollywood Code Era that Catholics forced on them by boycott. Yes, Catholics, and not Protestants or non-Christians who may talk a big game but haven't delivered.