January 11, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Destroys CNBC Anchors



Christopher Marlowe said...

She's nice to listen to on banking, but E Warren is a big israel supporter, so its more false opposition.

And the young turks are degenerates on every other topic

Anonymous said...

But, since you can't be elected Senator and not be pro-Israel publicly, she's not exceptional in that regard.

And she may be a sincere Zionist. Sincerely mistaken, of course.

The principles of Glass-Steagall are sound.

All 50 States could bring in similar legislation and it would be 100% constitutional without anyone really being able to challenge it.

Since 2008, and reflecting on the constitutional limitations of Congress, I only see a weak case for the authority for Congress to implement such restrictions, since the only express power they have to regulate banks concerns bankruptcies, and even with the necessary and proper clause.

They would claim the authority under the interstate commerce clause, but that was only intended for making commerce regular, such as ensuring no tariff barriers as a clear example.

I'd say federally chartered banks would be constitutional, so long as they only issue money to pay for Congress 18 enumerated powers, and in that case you could apply Glass-Steagall to those banks.