January 26, 2015

The Death of American Democracy



Anonymous said...

Israel is a state sponsor of terrorism, yet isn't on the U.S. State Department list. They had the means, motive and opportunity to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists, and all signs pointed to them, and the only thing we didn't have was the U.S. or Israel or the mass media acknowledging it -- that is, until March 2014.


Christopher Marlowe said...

Nutty Yahoo spoke before the slaves of Congress on May 24, 2011 = Iyar (Ziv) 20 5771 on the Hebrew calendar.

Iyar is the 2nd month, so that is:
2 20 5771.

5771 added together = 20; 2+0= 2;

Thus: 2/2/2
I don't know what that means in numerology, but I noticed that these kabbalists always pick a special date for big events. I think they were use the Hebrew calendar and the western calendar; e.g. 9/11/2001, 7/7/2005 (2+5=7)

Christopher Marlowe said...

I just noticed that this year is 5775 in the Hebrew calendar; That adds up to 24; which adds up to 6.

August 21, 2015 = Elul 6, 5775... 666

I wonder if israel has some fun blood sacrifice planned for that day?