February 08, 2015

ISIS is NOT ‘Blowback’ from Western Foreign Policy; It is Western foreign policy

Western and “Israeli” intelligence has historically effected deep infiltration of ‘jihadist’ terror cells throughout the Arab world and the West; these groups are used literally as foot-soldiers (see Afghanistan throughout the 1980s) to achieve Western and “Israeli” military and strategic objectives. The “blowback” theory distracts from this key fact.
ISIS aren’t retaliating against Western foreign policy; they are Western foreign policy. These very people were mobilized against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya’s bogus ‘revolution’ of 2011, as with Syria in the same year.
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Unknown said...

First of all, it's a very good picture and no doubt accurate.

I'm wondering if Jordan, that US allied mutt in the Middle East has really been attacking ISIS, or was it more Syrian infrastructure the type Israel likes to bomb?

Haven't listened to Fetch yet, I wonder if he shed some light on this?

Anonymous said...

Here is a list I prepared of some top signs that ISIS is Israeli-created:

1) A caliphate is invalid without consensus of the scholars -- even the warmonger Egyptian cleric, Qaradawi, has admitted as such. You can't just declare yourself caliph and it be the case. For the Sunnis, he has to be chosen by the community, and for the Shia's, he has to be a direct descendant of the Prophet and be a Shia -- neither case holds.

2) The Caliph has the same name as the first Caliph of Islam -- Abu Bakr.

3) He has a PhD in Islamic Studies (who can disagree with him about Islam with those credentials, right?).

4) They're not focusing on attacking Israel, and have no plans, currently.

5) They regard Shias as non-Muslims. Total BS, since if they were non-Muslim in a blanket sense, they would've been prohibited from performing the Hajj (major pilgrimage in Mecca), and they never were, even to this day with the Wahhabi regime.

6) Their primary goal is war with the Shia, which is un-Islamic, since you go straight to hell if you intentionally kill a Muslim without just cause (which doesn't apply here).

7) They purportedly killed the Jordanian pilot with fire, which is an expressly prohibited punishment in this life, according to a saying by the Prophet Muhammad, and they know darn well about that prohibition, and since they are deliberately killing a Muslim, it'll put them straight in hell.

8) They threatened to kill Christians who don't pay the jizya (poll tax on non-Muslims), which is also un-Islamic, since they are not a valid caliphate and it's also not a valid jihad.

Anonymous said...

Perfect relatively short video by Imran Hosein explaining this deception. Gets especially good 5 minutes in.