February 21, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.02.21

Deanna talks about media, culture and other issues; Movie: Bought, Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now, Petition against mandatory adult vaccines; Are Deanna and Victoria Jackson are the same person as claimed by Ed ChiariniWayne from Canada talks about the 1945 and 2012 articles about Dresden and about the founding of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. Werner says that Russia is being destroyed. Not Ukraine!

Anonymous said...

In Russia everything belongs to the jewish oilgarchs. Everything else is only a mask

El Buggo said...

Deanna, I will nominate
Brendon O'Connell as a new guest on your show. He was jailed for one year for arguing with a jew in Australia. He explains this and more in this very interesting video (40 min):


Anonymous said...

Ed Chiarini (DallasGoldBug) is a paid disinformation operative. I heard the show when he called in to Giuliani's show that very day, and hadn't heard of him or Deanna prior to that, and the reasons I didn't immediately write his claims off are because I didn't know Deanna, and because he was speaking seemingly so sincerely and authoritatively (part of his trick), but upon some further basic research, I concluded he was put out there to discredit any notion of crisis actors.

And we know of at least one, Jeff Bauman, according to the expert opinion of retired 35-year orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stan Monteith, as he announced to his terrestrial radio listeners , and put his own professional reputation on the line in stating as such.

Unknown said...

Yeah I think he was put out to discredit the idea of "crisis actor theory " in general
But i also think he pointed out one real case in order to specifically discredit anyone who is making the connection to this couple specifically
Of course I am speaking about nick and Laura phelps I think that one might actually be a legit match made by him to discredit anyone who tries to point out the same thing

Anonymous said...

DGB gave away his MO on his one and only interview with Jim Fetzer, saying that if only 1% of the links he was making were true, then it was good.

Which is obviously not acceptable at all, given the degree of wildness of many of his claims, especially Betty White and Queen Elizabeth II.

But he said it seemingly so sincerely that he either comes across as mad or a deliberate disinfo agent.

But his behaviour in various comment threads shows that it's the latter, as he gets really aggressive, and he runs cover for Zionists, as you can see from his FB comment here.


"Ed Chiarini YES FAKE AS FOR THE WORD ZIONISTS that is yet another BULLSH*T term that guess who came up with. Take a look at Benjamin Netanyahu's father's full name."

MaryC said...

Chiarini's claims are nonsense. Spingola and Jackson are both blue-eyed blondes; the physical similarity ends there. They both have high-pitched voices, and that's where the vocal similarity ends.

Deanna said...

Interesting Points:
1. The only other "alternative" broadcaster Chiarini, a former government employee, targeted was Kerry Cassidy, saying she was Julie Mitchell.
2. He indicated that he targeted me because of my surname: Spingola and claimed that spin was my goal
3. Yet, when challenged on CG’s program, Chiarini admitted that he had never listened to any of my programs and that he did not have an ear of me.
4. He inadvertently admitted emailing me using another name beginning on July 4, 2012 promoting Chiarini’s nonsense. We had about 20 exchanges during the next two days.
5. I had invited Chiarini to be on my program on July 5 and he initially said yes then apparently changed his mind. I then had Julie Mitchell and Kerry Cassidy on my program on July 10
6. I told the emailer: “A listener tried to persuade me to have Ed Chiarini on my radio program several months ago and I told him I thought that Chiarini was a fraud who worked for the government.” This was Jeff Joe Black who opposed Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy for mayor of Chicago. Black was murdered after he fled Chicago for his safety.
7. I also told the emailer: “So you think that Jackson conceals about forty or more pounds, concealed her double chin, had a nose job and otherwise altered her appearance to do a program on RBN talking about the Jews culpability for many of today's problems, the accurate history of World War II, and numerous other issues which appears to be totally opposite of what she talked about in her visit to Occupy New York. It does not make any sense. Why would she do something that would jeopardize her career, safety, etc?
8. What “boiler-room” Sayanim supervisor directed Chiarini to target me?

Deanna said...

#3: he did not have an ear shot of me

Anonymous said...

Deanna, glad to hear you hold the view that Chiarini is an agent. I don't know if he's specifically working for the U.S. government, but it's a possibility, as I think it has gone beyond just "criminal elements within the government" in some of these false flags including and since 9/11.

And you raise a very important issue beyond the surface issue of his claim against you being incorrect and bogus, and that is that it was maliciously done for a particular purpose, and it's that action of his that really betrays his disinfo operative motives, as opposed to being a nut or a satirist.

His timing was too good on this, popping up out of relatively nowhere with the Gabbie Giffords purported shooting, and he probably did put out at least 1% correct information about crisis actors in that case, but then spun it to the ridiculous even then by exaggerating and focusing on ears, which a previous commenter on here who became a troll used to keep accusing legitimate researchers of focusing on, when it was part of Chiarini's intent to discredit all researchers of fakery as being obsessed with ear comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Deanna, Hatrick Penry, whom I had interviewed once, also informed me that DGB accused him of being the same "actor" as Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers, and again, that was done in a malicious way after some disagreement cropped up, and he also accused him of being other personalities.


And you will see in that post, Chiarini using all sorts of foul language.

And here he is on the Fetzer thread, getting overly defensive when someone comments that what seemed odd at the time when Chiarini first popped up, has been made clear, with Chiarini being a disinfo agent.